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Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Quotes about relationships .BZU. She did not show up in court during proceedings so he got a default judgment for $1,605.73. He’s trying to sell his judgment to the highest bidder, someone who either likes or hates Kim so much, they’ll spend time and money to get a check from KK herself.
If you are one of the thousands of people who purchased Vibram USA's ridiculous FiveFingers shoes, you might be entitled to a refund. The case was brought by Valerie Bezdek in Massachusetts, who claimed Vibram was deceiving their customers by advertising FiveFinger shoes as beneficial to foot muscles and helpful in reducing foot injuries, even though they did not have any scientific research backing up these claims.
Damage to the Syrian city’s infrastructure has put more than two million people at risk of living without proper access to water. Senator Susan Collins of Maine, who had hoped for a calmer, more rational Trump to emerge, says she can’t support him. Schools and shops are closed in Quetta, and attorneys nationwide will boycott court procedures all week.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s meeting with Vladimir Putin is an attempt to repair relations damaged by their support for opposite sides in Syria’s civil war. What to make of the combination of bedazzled femininity and ferocious athleticism that defines women’s gymnastics?
Delta says its flights worldwide are affected Monday by a power outage in Atlanta that hit its computer systems and operations. His hugely hyped new album had another false release date, but his week of construction left a lot to puzzle over.
Hurricane Earl dropped a month’s worth of rain in a single night, killing at least 40 people.

In a speech in Detroit, the Republican tries to appeal to voters beyond his white working-class base with promises of supply-side tax cuts and a child-care tax deduction. Kent Jones’s documentary, airing on HBO Monday, delves into a famous dialogue between two of the most storied directors in film.
Authorities are searching for two professors—an American and an Australian—who were kidnapped Sunday at gunpoint in the Afghan capital. Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old Texas boy, was arrested last September for taking a homemade clock to school that some teachers thought looked like a bomb.
A suicide attack in Quetta on Monday killed dozens of lawyers and journalists who had come to mourn the death of a prominent attorney.
Akihito, 82, said he fears that his age will make it more difficult for him to perform his duties.
The mononymous Miami Marlins player, who just reached 3,000 career MLB hits, stands out for his simple, elegant approach to the game. The photo, dubbed “La Pieta,” has prompted a debate on President Rodrigo Duterte’s call to kill all criminals.
The contenders for the 2016 award show that immigration and multiculturalism has helped create a rich U.K.
Scientists used x-ray techniques to uncover a hidden figure beneath a painting by the French Impressionist painter. The police department released nine videos Friday that show officers shooting at an unarmed black man during a car chase. Daymond John may pass judgement on the investment opportunities that come his way on Shark Tank, but the founder of FUBU has made his own financial blunders. John elaborated on the importance of customer relationships when he spoke with Forbes contributor Micah Solomon at a mentorship event in New York City.

John’s role on Shark Tank may have increased his desire to help fledgling companies get going. Craig Gordon back in 2001 to switch out her silver fillings for more attractive porcelain fillings. Gordon tried in vain to collect even going as far as trying to prevent her from divorcing Kris Humphries until she paid the judgment but that didn’t work. The company settled a class action lawsuit to the tune of $3.75 million this week and that money will go back to customers. Keep in mind that while a receipt isn't required to file a claim form, Vibram can request a receipt to verify your purchase after the claim has been filed to help prevent against fraudulent claims. John says you have to make customers feel special without always trying to sell them something.
Loyal customers are the best brand ambassadors, and when your company does something wrong, those customers will tell you the truth.
He does not have a timeline yet for the incubator, but is speaking with colleagues and partner organizations about the initiative. So, best case scenario: you get the full purchase price back and get to stop wearing ugly, medically useless shoes. A customer’s needs must be met before an entrepreneur draws any money from the business.

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