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Similar to other titles from the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise, players can also choose to import their own music into the game, and the good news is that it's easy to do. The first step is to find the "Rockstar Games" folder which should be located inside the "Documents" of the computer's C Drive. Once the "User Music" folder is found, players can now start placing the music files they want inside of it. Once those steps are done, players should now start "Grand Theft Auto V" and then go to the "Settings" menu. The problem can't be solved by just changing the username either, so for now, players will need to create a new Windows Administrator user account with the supported characters, and use that to login so that they can bypass the issue. Lastly, players are also advised to install the latest AMD and Nvidia drivers to avoid game crashes and other similar problems, according to Gamers Nexus.

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Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of the title, recently announced that Grand Theft Auto V brought in a whopping $800 million of revenue on its first day of release. Once there, players should see the "GTA V" folder, and inside of that, they will finally find "User Music," according to Gearnuke. MP3 files are going to work for sure, but it's unclear whether other formats are supported.

From here, players can either choose the "Perform Quick Scan for Music" option or the "Perform Full Scan for Music" option. Apparently, usernames containing characters outside of the upper and lowercase standard alphabet along with the numbers 0 to 9 will not be able to even download yet alone play the game, according to Geek. This is the highest first day retail sales of any game in the series, and it also happens to be the highest first day revenue in the history of the company.
Either of the two choices should still enable players to listen to the music they have handpicked for the game, and as of now, there doesn't appear to be any difference between the two options.

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