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If the amount of money you want is only small the best place to look for it is to ask friends and family.
However if you have no assets, no real estate or other assets to pledge against a loan from the bank you have little chance of obtaining money from a bank.
If you own a large profitable company you would rarely ask where can we get money a) because a profitable business generates revenue and so has plenty of money coming in regularly, and b) people will gladly offer you money for a share in your business. The next post will deal with how to start up your own business and then in more depth with how we can get money by raising capital by issuing shares, debentures and convertible notes.
It does not cost a lot to create and run a blog online, in fact it is a very cheap business model, so why is it beneficial to create your own blog free online?
Blogging is a great way to have an online presence and of course to generate an income too, but how many people that create a blog actually make it work? It is easy to create a blog, there is no coding involved or special skills required and it only takes seconds to have one up and running online. So many people do not take the time to pick the right niche for themselves, they either pick one that is too broad and has way to much competition, or one that they get bored with too quickly. It really is important to pick a subject that you are enthusiastic about, this way you will always find topics within your niche to write about because blogs are about content, and the better the content the more likely you will get noticed and see success with your blog. This is closely related to picking the wrong niche because even when you love your niche it can sometimes be hard to come up with content ideas all the time, but when you are not that interested in your blog subject it is even harder. Writing is a big part of blogging, so for your first blog it makes sense to pick a subject you love, otherwise you will not be able to sustain your interest. A very important part of blogging is being consistent, especially in the beginning when you are building up your site. The search engines also get use to how often you post and will reward you in rankings for a consistent pattern of posting content. Creating a blog is the easy part, getting it to the point of success on the other hand takes persistence, and way to many people give up on their blogs before they see success. It can take time to build your blog, but it is worth it in the end, once you get past the 100 post mark, you will see a rise in traffic, and the more posts your blog has the better for traffic and search engine presence.
This is a big one and is the opposite of being committed to, and persistent with your blog over time. I was guilty of this for several years, always looking for an easier way, but the result I got was exactly nothing, I did not progress, but just kept chasing my tail.

After a lot of time spent trying to find the right opportunity and not seeing any real results, I feel I made the right decision settling down and committing to a proven method of success online. The best thing of all is that you do not have to commit any money to building a blog, you can get started right away and create your own blog free, it is as simple as just a few clicks and you can have your own blog online within as little as 60 seconds.
Starting out is easy, but remember to not get carried away, take the time to pick the right niche before you race ahead and build your blog. Above all rid your inbox of all those junk offers coming in and turn away from all the distraction that will break your focus if you let it.
Create your own blog free of charge and test the water, see if it is something you love doing before you commit to it and spend any money, and at the same time take advantage of the community support and the best training online. Uncover the Secrets to Making Money OnlineLearn the best ways to generate anincome online from those who know. Get Targeted Traffic Direct To Your OfferWhen it comes to traffic, wehave everything you need. How To Build Your Own Money Making Sales FunnelA Simple Effective Strategy100% Free Training. However there may be concerns as to what you intend to do with the money and how and when you intend to pay back the money if it is given to you as a loan. Par for the course is they will not lend to people who need money Рas the bank is concerned that you might not be able to repay your loan. If you own a business that has been going for some time, providing it is profitable it should have some value. The simple answer is so that you can see if it works for you and is something that you enjoy doing and can sustain over time. Unfortunately it is only a small percentage of people that see success with their blogs, but why is this the case? To run a blog is also easy, but it does take commitment and persistence if you want to rise above the crowd and see success. Your first blog should be in a niche that really interests you and if it is a broad niche like fitness, then you need to drill it down and specialize in a particular area of fitness (fitness for the over fifties is a specialized section of the fitness niche), that way you do not have to compete with large well established sites. When you are not that interested in your niche it becomes boring writing about it on a regular basis and before you know it you get fed up and the writing dries up.
This is for your readers as well as the search engines because your readers will want to see a pattern that they can respond to.

It is a good idea to set yourself a posting schedule that you know you will be able to sustain over a period of time, or at least until your blog is more established. There are probably millions of deserted blogs floating around cyber space collecting cyber dust. This is why it is important to not only enter a niche you will enjoy, but also to get the right training to help you get to the point of success. It is easy to get distracted with other opportunities that boast ease and quick returns, these shiny objects break our focus and pull us away from what we are trying to achieve, they nudge us off track.
It was not until I shook off the junk and settled down to an exact path that I started to see results. Through affiliate marketing and product creation it is possible to generate a great regular income that can see good growth over time. By choosing the right platform and following the training to the letter, I have been able to see the results I was searching for after chasing my tail for way too long. Once you have your niche and have built your blog, then you have to keep that content flowing and stay consistent. Therefore the business being an asset you own the bank may be persuaded to lend you money against your business. If you post new content every other day for several weeks, then your readers will get use to it, but to suddenly then post once a week will see a drop off in readers because if they visit your blog expecting to find a new post and it is not there for several days running, you may lose them forever.
The more support you have along the way the better for you and the easier you will find your journey to the top. These results did not come over night, but by sticking with it and turning away from all those tempting opportunities, I finally saw results and it gets better all the time. It will not reward you overnight, but it will be a long term business if you give it the time it needs to flourish.
It can sometimes feel a little slow for the right results to show up and this is when many will give up, but stay with it, make use of the training and support, and push through with strong persistence.

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