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With SIM Only you get a SIM card, alongside an allowance of data, minutes and texts, so it’s like a normal smartphone contract except minus the phone. That means you’re free to change your tariff or switch to a different type of contract altogether after a shorter period of time. Then there are other benefits like free Wi-Fi on the London Underground, tethering and Wi-Fi Calling (allowing you to call and text over Wi-Fi so you can stay in touch when there’s no signal).
If you’ve got an iPhone then you can also get Visual Voicemail, which lets you see your voicemails in a list on the screen and tap the one you want to play, rather than having to listen to them all in order. If you want a SIM for a smartphone then you’ll probably want minutes and texts alongside data, but if it’s a tablet or mobile Wi-Fi device that you’ve got then data’s all you’ll need and EE offers a range of data only SIM cards offering up to 25GB of monthly data, which should be more than enough for even heavy users. If you’re a smartphone user you can still get loads of data on SIM Only, up to 10GB each month in fact, so you can make the most of EE’s superfast 4G network.
With EE SIM only you can’t use data you haven’t paid for, so if you run out of data you won’t run up high charges, instead you’ll just have to wait for it to refresh next month. So if you don’t want a new phone right now SIM Only is ideal, whether or not you plan to buy one in the future. According to the USDA, a one ounce (28 gram) serving of chia seeds contains 9 grams of fat, 5 milligrams of sodium, 11 grams of dietary fiber and 4 grams of protein. Chia seeds originated in Central and South America and are still an important food crop in Mexico and Guatemala.
So imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered the Chia Seed Skincare set at The Face Shop, a Korean-based skincare and makeup company.

The salesgirl assured me that the mighty Chia Seed (which uses Chia Seed Liquid instead of water) is deeply hydrating, but not oily, making it perfect for all skintypes.  In fact, she confided, she used the set herself.
Asian skincare starts with cleansing (I use my usual CeraVe gentle cleanser), then a moisturizing toner, followed by a light moisturizing lotion.
The next product is the Watery Lotion.  It is a very light lotion that also absorbs very quickly. A natural moisture drop absorbing 10 times its own weight; Chia Seeds carrying moisture and the Moisture Hug System adjust the skin into an optimal state to fully retain moisutre. Organically germinated chia seeds, which draw and absorb moisture, not only hydrate but also nourish the skin to effectively restore suppleness.
I LOVE the Moisture-Holding Seed Cream.  It is a similar texture to my beloved Baviphat Sleeping Pack, and also absorbs within minutes with no greasy residue. Have you tried anything from the Chia Seed line?  Have you see Chia seeds in other skincare products? Hi, im considering to buy this Chia seed cream but haven’t decided yet because I couldnt find the ingredients list elsewhere.
EE has a range of SIM Only deals and they’re all cheaper than getting the same allowances with a new phone would be. Plus if you’re already an EE customer and want to add a new SIM Only tariff to your account (on top of your existing plan) then you can get extra special deals.
There are 12 month plans, which are the cheapest, then there’s 30 day ones which cost a little more but mean you can change your plan with just a month’s notice.

These don’t tie you in at all, instead you just pay for the minutes, texts and data that you use. But if you’re a lighter user there are still options to suit, as you can get as little as 250MB of data each month if that’s all you need and there are a range of options in between those two extremes. It is possible to make calls outside of your allowance, but at 40p per minute it still won’t break the bank. As you’re (presumably) not getting a new phone you don’t have to worry about transferring contacts, files and apps to a new handset, just stick your new SIM card in your old phone and activate it and if the handset is unlocked or on EE you’re ready to go. You can either buy one outright and pop your SIM card in it, thereby keeping your great SIM Only rate, or switch to a Pay Monthly contract when your SIM Only contract ends (which is after just a month if you pick a 30 day tariff). A heavier cream to add even more moisture is common.  This line follows the standard routine. Chia seeds water is extracted within 24 hours via the Fresh Method, insead of water delivers the vitality of the highly pure chia seeds.
I AM a skincare junkie and blogger and it would be boring to stick to regimen forever.  But for now, I am very happy with the Chia Seed set and vow to try that eyecream!
EE SIM Only deals for example give you a choice of 12 month or 30 day contracts, rather than a 24 month one as you’d usually get with a handset.

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