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I sat here for a little while trying to think about the best way to begin this post about one of my favorite couples to have ever worked with, and I kept being drawn back to the word adventure. So if there was ever a day to introduce my lovely assistant Laura, I think today would be the day.
Exactly TWO years ago, March 22, 2014, these two love birds said "I Do"A and I got to photograph it.
Danielle (who i affectionately call Pumo from middle school), and Drew are seriously one of the cutest couples ever! Bringing a child into the world is both a beautiful experience and a tremendous responsibility.
And when they tell me their story, it is never more obvious how the stars aligned to bring them together.
Jeff and Brenda have been married many years and were gifted this session by their sons in honor of their anniversary. We begin the journey of parenthood as soon as we are aware that this little seed of life is growing.

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