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Beef up your bank balance and boost your notoriety in Grand Theft Auto Online this weekend to prepare for the new apartments, lavish cars and amenities coming in the High Life Update coming this month.
I think that part of the show’s success stems from how it manages to use basic tropes to its benefit. The more subdued, cynical type of humor in this show works quite well with some limited character development. Yeah that was a great episode, they manage to do both action and drama without sacrifising comedy, also. About next week’s preview… does it say something about the dark lord going to school?

This is the rare breed of show that knows how to throw in plot development without forgetting that it’s supposed to be a comedy. For example, it doesn’t take any time at all to figure out that the robed fantasy-setting bishop is bad news. They don’t have to explain the details of the fantasy world since everybody already knows them. It’s just that the initial setting was excellent enough to warrant for a full one-cour series imo.
Maou comparing Cueball to a B-movie villain and getting yelled at for spending money on movies.

I think what makes it work here are the fact that she actually has legitimate reasons for both hating and liking him. Using a cliche in this case means the show doesn’t need to spend as much time explaining the Serious Plot and leaves more time for the characters to crack some jokes. Maybe Emi can be the substitute teacher or something and get into fights with her students.

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