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Either you trade the above and breed to get an Eevee on your Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald game or you trade an Eevee or it's evolution over from FireRed or What Eevee Evolution Are You?
Les presento a Ninfia (?????), la nueva evolucion de Eevee que ha sido mostrada en la revista CoroCoro. Eeveelutions shouldn't be megas, Sunflora should just get a normal evolution, they should wait with Gliscor until Sinnoh remakes and Tyrantrum and Aurorus are too new. Reply to: TheMezI tried to see if Sunflora could be a sweeper, but your idea is really interesting! I think this would be a bit too much but I think that all the Eeveeloutions should get megas. Well i just did a TOP 5 vid also thx to CoolMonkeyz for helping Me get my editor back go follow him! It's like a little dog pokemon who can evolve into8 different pokemon depending on what stone you give to it. Unlike other Pokemon, you don't need to catch one, as if you figure out the back entrance to the Super-Market in Cerulean City, you get one for free.

It's more or less a free Pokemon and after it evolves it has a great move set and great stats.
It has great coverage, but Rock Head is still better thanks to that Head Smash (at least in my opinion).
Espeon evolves at daytime and Umbreon evolves at night time.I'm not saying that the other Eeveelutions shouldn't be getting one, I just think Espeon and Umbreon are great candidates. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Everyone has their favorites, but stat-wise, Vaporean (the water time) has proven to be the strongest.
Let's get started.First of all, I saw a video of a youtuber that showed some leaked info about these new games such as Kalos being a 2nd region for the games and Episode Z. Les mantendremos informados de todo lo que vaya saliendo. Pokemon Scramble U Tambien ha sido revelado un nuevo juego para Wii U, titulado Pokemon Scramble U.
Sera un titulo exclusivo en descarga, contara con los 649 Pokemon existentes y podra ser jugado con hasta 4 jugadores.

The leak said that the Johto starters, Weavile and Bellosom will have a Mega Evolution in Sun & Moon. Weavile evolves during night time (Pokemon Moon) while Bellosom (an obvious hula dancer; possible hint to the new region based on Hawaii) evolves with a Sun Stone (Pokemon Sun). Mega Evolutions were made to bring back to life Pokemon with not so good stats like Audino (seriously?) or Altaria (yeah, that one is dangerous).
I remember fighting against it with my Altaria so well that I think it's time for him to get his own Mega Evolution.

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