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When you are fired from a job, one of the first things you may wonder is how you will get another job.
Provide good references who can validate your ability to do the job you are interviewing for. Losing your job is an extremely stressful situation, made more difficult by the ramifications it can have on your financial situation. Join or login to BusinessBecause to connect and message people within the biggest global business school community.
Steve Dalton, at Duke Universitya€™s Fuqua School of Business, is not your average Careers Director. In Stevea€™s mind, the process of charming a potential recruiter is similar to flirting with a girl: it comes more naturally to some than others. Steve has the credentials to offer advice having worked for several big-name employers and studied an MBA himself.
Steve set about developing a methodology to help MBAs get job interviews, without wasting hours in pointless effort.
In times of abundant choice, Steve thinks most MBAs are faced with a€?decision anxietya€?, a term coined by Barry Schwartz.
Ita€™s also important to remember that you shouldna€™t limit your job search to famous companies.
This whole process - creating your list of employers and prioritizing using thea€?LAMPa€™ table - should be wrapped up in 1 hour. You can generally find email addresses for your 5 targets, using LinkedIn, email verification sites, Google search or intelligent guessing.
Whilst in this email phase, Steve recommends that you use a calendar to set reminders 3 and 7 business days later to follow up on your initial emails. Unsurprisingly, Steve has a handy acronym for the types of questions you can ask to boost someonea€™s energy a€“ TIARA a€“ ask questions about Trends, Insights, Advice, Resources, and Assignments.

You should try to end the informational meeting by getting your Booster to say a€?Yesa€™ to something specific a€“ e.g. Interestingly, Steve says ita€™s not necessary to a€?repay favorsa€™ a€“ ita€™s OK for you to be indebted to someone a€“ although this isna€™t something we would necessarily agree with at BusinessBecause! Adopt a positive mindset a€“ if you start the process by assuming you are one of hundreds of job applicants youa€™ll risk coming across as desperate, a universally unattractive trait. Demonstrate that youa€™re able to successfully set up informational meetings with contacts off-campus before you start reaching out to on-campus recruiters a€“ you must be able to fend for yourself! You can be mediocre at anything you put your mind to but youa€™ll only excel at things youa€™re passionate abouta€¦ What do you care about? When recruiters search for candidates online theya€™re typically searching for people with specific experience at competitor firms a€“ try to name-drop several well-known companies in your LinkedIn profile to help you appear in more searches. Now that wea€™ve got the job searched nailed, what we want to know Mr Steve Dalton, is when youa€™ll be publishing a€?The 2 Hour Date Searcha€?, for all those busy MBAs looking for a shortcut to romance! McKinsey Solutions is an integral part of McKinsey & Company and dedicated to bringing the Firma€™s expertise, frameworks, and tools to intuitive IT platforms. Join the network today to get the latest news, updates, and jobs from the business school world! Beyoncé is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world — not to mention incredibly talented! Although being fired does make it slightly more difficult to convince a new employer to hire you, there are some key ways you can decrease the negative impact your termination has on your employment potential. An updated resume that focuses on your accomplishments is necessary when beginning a new job search.
By obtaining an interview through a connection with someone who knows you personally, you give yourself an advantage. Having a list of former supervisors or colleagues who are willing to vouch for you helps offset the negative feelings a potential employer may have when he sees you were fired.

Being up front and honest about the situation, without going into too much detail, shows the interviewer that you are willing to address a negative situation openly. Even though being fired isn't the best situation in which to look for a new job, having an upbeat personality and staying confident about your abilities can help you overcome this hurdle. Now you have 1 hour left of your a€?2 Hour Job Searcha€? to make contact with your top 5 targets. You need to a€?follow the energya€™ of a Booster and arrange a time to speak or meet in person. The easiest way to make a wider nose slimmer is to use a foundation darker than your skin tone and apply it on either side of your nose and blend. If you jump right into job hunting, you risk entering an interview with a negative attitude or making a disparaging remark about your former employer, neither of which will win you any points.
Your skills and work ethic may not be questioned as thoroughly as they would be when applying for a job where no one knows you. Most people know that online job applications can be a waste of time but they dona€™t know what to do instead. On closer inspection of her gorgeous face (compared to earlier pics), it seems she might have had some work done.
Instead, take a few days to relax and reflect on your situation before beginning your search. Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who’s been vocal about the tips her makeup artist has used to contour her features.
In fact, she bravely bared her before pics to show all the makeup necessary to create her signature look!

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