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Searching for flights on a regular basis would probably be my first tip to those looking for flights – always be on the look-out.
Did you know many popular booking websites will increase the price of the flights if they know the specific flights you are looking for. I was told recently that flight prices can increase or decrease depending on the browser you are using. We loved the blog, and are thrilled that you find our site and apps useful – it’s certainly always our aim to assist happy travelers!
Thanks again for the blog piece and comments, and great to read that you enjoy using Skyscanner! I changed over to Kayak after few years using Skyscanner, I definitively get better prices than the previous one ! Searching for flights on a regular basis would probably be my first tip to those looking for flights – always be on the look-out. One thing I noticed though is that you should always check the airline’s website in parallel. Hi, I'm Janet and this is my travel blog where I write about my solo travel adventures around the world. These Target metal chairs are a hot look right now, and I gave it a little twist by choosing this chair in the “Aquamint” color.
This sweet little Sloane Lamp brings in some of the metallic elements found in the side table and canopy, plus polka dots ALWAYS work in a kid’s room! I love how this Scalloped Table can work for a young girl or a teenager, plus the gold bling is just plain fun.
We have a lot of pinks and aquas going on in this room, so I chose a very pale yellow as a neutral backdrop. A child’s room should have some magic to it, and what little girl wouldn’t love a canopy for her bed? Best yet, every item clocks in under $100 (Okay, the Pottery Barn quilt is $107, close enough!)!
In fact, my addiction to skyscanner and browsing flights to exotic destinations at bizarre times throughout the night recently led me to booking a flight in my sleep!
Many budget airlines like Air Asia and Ryanair hold last-minute sales that are only available for 48 hours so if you don’t always have one eye on the prize, you will risk missing out. Some of these are obvious such as flying on September 11th, Christmas Day or New Years Eve, three days that most people in the Western world really, really, REALLY don’t want to travel on.
To give some more context, Skyscanner acts as a search engine and as such the technology can only display the prices passed on to us by our airline and travel agent providers.
Many budget airlines like Air Asia and Ryanair hold last-minute sales that are only available for 48 hours so if you don’t always have one eye on the prize, you will risk missing out. Skyscanner usually has the best fares, but I was able on occasion to get almost half priced tickets by booking directly with the airline.

It’s usually not enough to make you start over, but it does sometimes remove the advantage of booking through them. Here you will find budget backpacking tips, solo travel guides and some funny stories thrown in here and there!
This is Kristin from Postbox Designs back to share another budget friendly Mood Board t0 inspire you to tackle a new room in your house this season.
But, for the best bang for your buck, try to choose neutral larger pieces, such as a bed or dresser. A metal table is uber practical for cleaning and durability (I know from personal experience). It is a color that can grow with her, and it gives a bit of a break for all of the sweet colors used in the rest of the room. This can create the perfect make-believe world, or a place to snuggle up and read as she gets a bit older.
In fact, you can find me scouring Etsy on a regular basis to pick up some amazing prints at fantastic prices. So save a little money for their college fund, while still giving her the room of her dreams.
But it has gotten so long that is it is starting to get caught in my bra and pull - which REALLY hurts. When I woke up in the morning I had an email confirmation from Skyscanner with a booking reference number for a 1 way flight to Thailand! The airlines release new seats on these days and often there are lots of great bargains to be found. That being said, a recent look at Skyscanner data proves that flying on Christmas day is actually more expensive, except if flying to the USA. Whenever I want to go away for a long weekend in Korea, I click the option from Seoul to EVERYWHERE. For example, if you search for flights using Safari, then you must be a Mac user and are deemed to have more money than someone using Firefox or Chrome. However, if you need to log in to the site with an account, then it’ll probably not matter as the system will recognize you as a returning user.
I have two sweet little girls at home, and they were in the back of my mind when I created this “Sweet As Sugar” Girl’s Bedroom.
Here are some of my favorites, I think I would love to have any of these rooms as much as my two daughters would! If your kids happen to share a room, a canopy is a great way to give each child their own personal space. Turns out I must have half woken in the middle of the night and found a flight from Seoul, Korea to Bangkok for less than 100 euro – a bargain, in my sleepy trance, that I simply could not refuse! The most expensive time to look for flights is at the weekends because that is when most people have free time and start to plan vacations.

If you are willing to fly on these unpopular days, you are guaranteed to find much cheaper flights. This means that SkyScanner will tell you the cheapest cities and countries to fly to on the specific dates you are free. I just did a search using both Safari and Chome, at the exact same time, to test out this method and sadly it did not seem to make a difference. Booking flights and trying to compare prices is always so stressful and time-consuming, and I usually avoid expedia etc.
So, I’m unsure about buying my ticket from Skyscanner now…are they selling overbooked flights?
The bigger furniture pieces can last their entire childhood, and when they are ready to go from princess to preteen, some minor changes can give them a whole new look. Often times, the airline knows what you want, knows the days you want to fly and each search you type in is being saved and used against you. On Skyscanner, there is an option to click WHOLE MONTH when choosing the dates you wish to fly. Using this great feature has landed me in the Philippines earlier this year and on a solo trip to Japan in October last year.
Plus, this Target Beaded Chandelier costs under $90 for a focal point that any little girl would love.
Each time you log on to SkyScanner, make sure to delete the cookies on your computer.  I have recently been informed that Skyscanner do not increase the price of flights at all as they have no control over flight price. Use this feature, and use it often, and soon you will be traveling to more countries than you ever dreamed possible! Because I like cookies for remebering site info etc, 1 trick I might try is to use the Incognito browser feature in Chrome! So keeping that in mind, here is the Mood Board I created….Oh, and did I mention every item is budget friendly at less than $100? You get to watch me shave all that long hair off, which is hard because my blade seems to dull for such long hair!
As a search engine, they simply show the flight and price details from data they pull from airline websites. So it seems deleting your cookies is more relevant when it comes to using an airline website than Skyscanner.

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