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If you avoid these different types of spec work, you have a better chance of being more successful.
The right attitude does make all the difference in our field, it just as it does in everything else. If you’re working as an in-house designer, this is just as important for you as well. With platforms such as WordPress and WooCommerce, you can create your own online store in a matter of days. If you don’t feel like running your own online store, there are other platforms available. You can also join different services online, such as People Per Hour, or Envato, where you can charge your preferred hourly rate in exchange for completing small tasks or providing specific services. This is a beautiful creative PSD business card template with a plaid, tartan texture theme. Being able to handle print design projects, as well as web design projects can help you to take on more diverse projects, putting more money in your pocket.
When clients come looking for someone who can handle different styles and trends, it’s important that you understand how to deliver.
With little know-how, you can create digital goods such as mockups, templates, and graphic files that businesses can use.
Graphic River, Theme Forest, Creative Market and other places online allow you to sell your digital goods.

It’s important to recognize the different forms of spec work, so that you can avoid them and the disaster that they cause. If you are good at writing, understanding copywriting and how to write sales copy can bring you more work as well. If you can adapt to the ever-changing design trends and offer those in your services, clients will keep coming back. They may take a portion of the revenue, but they have a wider audience that actually comes looking for these types of products or services. You can offer to complete those tasks for a high hourly rate, generating a decent income when times are slow. This can be frustrating, especially after you’ve spent 40 or $50,000 on a degree in graphic design. I’ve been in the business for a decade or more, and I still receive spec work offers on a weekly basis. If you continually knock projects out of the park in specific areas of design, a word of mouth will spread quickly about your services. It is extremely important that you learn to evolve with our field in order to stay relevant.
Understanding when to send problem clients on their way and when to go after the good ones is something that will develop over time. Taking the wrong job may not only lead to your unhappiness, but it can lead to you getting fired.

It’s important to remember that how you carry yourself can have a big impact on your success. Coming to terms with the fact that some just don’t appreciate the value of your work is just a part of our profession. This could also lead to you not being able to get another job in our field without a lot of trouble. When you have projects coming in you can disable these services, enabling you to focus on larger projects at hand. Let’s take a look at some things that you can do to help you make more money as a graphic designer.
Recognizing these types of people or businesses can keep you from having an empty wallet and a broken heart. Do you have any tips you’d like to share on how to Make More Money As a Graphic Designer? Finding the right company to work for will enable you to work on fulfilling projects that enhance your portfolio and further your career.

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