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Similarly bloggers opt for so many monetization ways for their blogs but they always look for the best one which could help them make maximum amount of money. There are many tips and tricks which you need to implement to get good offers form big brands. Logo and Favicon: I have seen many bloggers, start their blog but they don’t even care to change the text logo and default favicon. Install Professional theme: When you start your blog, there is a default theme installed by default. Optimize your sidebar: if you are keeping sidebar for your blog then try to put important things over there rather than adding flashing banner ads and all at the very beginning stage. Create killer Content: Now the most important part, write killer articles for your blog in order to increase traffic and engagement. Add an Advertise us page: Don’t miss to add an advertise page because it helps advertisers to know what kind of advertising options are available at your blog and few other details.
Add a contact page: Every blog needs a contact page so that either advertisers or someone else can reach out to you for any kind of proposals or suggestions.
These are few things which you need to do in order to make your blog look nice and good place of advertising. If everything is properly done and mainttained you will notice that many advertisers will be contacting you using your blog’s contact page but you should not just wait for them to contact you rather you should also put effort to reach out to more advertisers with a well designed proposal by visiting their company websites.

If you contact 10 brands, you will see only 1-2 will reply to your emails but don’t be disheartened and keep working. One more way in which you can get sponsored posts for your blog and that is to give your blogger friends your blog name and link to suggest to their clients. Getting advertisers for your blog is not an easy task but you have to work hard to make your blog better and look professional enough to grab advertisers’ attention.
I’m a technology freak, Young Entrepreneur.I completed engineering , Started a work as the full time blogger. If you are a student, you opt for those studies which can give more money when you would be working.
Adsense, Infolinks, Affiliate marketing are some of the prominent ways to make money from blog.
This is the first thing you should do to make your blog look alive and properly maintained.
Start working on branding, social sharing, SEO and few other activities which can help you increase the domain authority, improve alexa rank, generate traffic & engagement and few other things which Advertisers usually consider while choosing blogs for sponsored postings. Even after this 2 deals get finalized then it is worth of time spent sending emails to them.
These are good to get good offers though they keep their commission when a deal gets finalized.

What happens is when your friend gets a deal from some good advertiser then many times they also ask that if he has more blogs so in such case, he can suggest your blog to the advertiser as well.
Many people like to  downloading books at cheap prices and helping their way in  the e-reading revolution.  Its a process which need only time no matter you are doing blogging or any other Online business.
By giving away your ebook for free, you can generate enough short-term momentum to carry you through to the real sales process. Selling ebooks is not about making a fortune on one book, it’s about building up quality sales to make some great money on several books. I am always happy to share my passion for technology information for you through this blog. Sponsored posts and reviews are one of those money making ways which helps you earn great amount of money quickly. It is a book but the only difference between it and a real physical book is that it is not in a physical form.
There are also many online platforms for publishing and selling your Ebooks which includes Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu and Ebay.

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