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After so much positive hype for the game prior to release, it seems like playing GTA V online has become a bit of a chore for many players. Watch the video below and you’ll see how players can earn unlimited RP by heading to a location point in an collection type mission.
As far as we’re aware, this little trick will work on any mission which has a similar collection and drop off type.
I don’t get what Rockstar expects, they practically nerf any ACTUAL way of getting money via missions. I honestly don’t understand why they feel the need to have an iron fist over this game. Gta IV didnt have an online ecosystem first off, also half of the game is stored onto your console so this time they can actually access the regular game programming and change it to fix bugs and add new things.
If you actually tell rockstar about the glitch and tell them to reduce your level or money back to what is was then you are helping and you will not get banned, but if you choose to abuse or share the glitch like most people then obviously you will get banned. In a game that stealing cars, robbing, killing and other devious things should be allowed, it is not. If R* let an underground economy grow where you could pay people directly to do things outside of the jobs. Corrupted Cartridge reports that 18 Grand Theft Auto V cheats have been leaked onto Reddit before the game is even released, the release day is tomorrow.
Players had again managed to circumvent this by using a method involving GTA DNS lobbies, but again Rockstar has taken action by banning anyone on sight who they catch using these exploits.
We get hundreds of comments on a weekly basis, telling us how Rockstar has taken the fun away from GTA V online with the constant changes and new updates which take away methods of earning money.

However, collecting and dropping off this mission whilst in a helicopter appears to have created a glitch in the game, allowing you to hover over the point and just keep collecting RP as you please. Let us know if you have used this and whether you think it is something that will be fixed in the GTA V 1.09 update.
It’s ridiculous that I either have to grind away worse than borderlands to unlock a lot less, or pay an other $20-$40 to get some space bucks.
They remove the quick restart, they make it so you cant restart most missions, they make it so that if you play the same mission more than once the cash reward is reduced by like 75% and they barely give anything anyway. Other people are obviously enjoying it, and rockstar keeps adding more and more to make it better. Let me see you make a game smooth when 20 million people are trying to access the servers at once.. I just played a mission and after spending 20 min humping to earn a few bucks a level 120 crashes a titan at the end because he landed with the gear up. The cheats that were leaked, which you can see below, are exclusively for the Xbox 360 but the same leaker reports that many of the cheats are identical to those on Grand Theft Auto IV. I myself have done multiple glitches to level up, but it was only after i realized once i got to level 60 after 2 weeks of non stop gameplay, that it would take forever to get to level 120. Rockstar is known for open world smooth online gameplay, their game was just more popular than they wee expecting. And they have ten days between GTAV launch and online launch to gauge how many people were playing and adjust their servers accordingly, but nah. If you deploy cheats in Grand Theft Auto V you will not be able to earn achievements during that gameplay session.

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The game is based on thieving and illegal work, so people should not be punished for doing lobbies and helping others out.
On the flip side, people who mod and then cause trouble for other gta players definitely should be punished.
I enjoy it, but you don’t have to be afraid to call them out for botching the launch, bruh.
Invest all your in "Betta Pharmaceuticals" before you starting the first Lester assassination quest, "Hotel Assassination".
All this level grinding and crap would be fine if the game was actually structured around it. The only issue I’ve seen with the modding and gltiching is the revenue rockster looses. Goofing off shouldn’t cost you, and there should be 100 times more vehicle and character customizations. Quick sample of latest V: Invincibility While playing the game, quickly press Right, A, Right, Left, Right, RB, Right, Left, A, Y to be invincible for five minutes.
LB, LB Invincibility (Last Minutes) RIGHT, X, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, R1, RIGHT, LEFT, X, TRIANGLE (PS3) RIGHT, A, RIGHT Repeat as necessary.

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