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They then pay some of that money with their members who contribute in online surveys they conduct. A California boy has opened a home bakery with an ambitious goal in mind: to earn enough money to buy his mother a new house. Jalen makes the cakes, cookies tarts and muffins out of his and his mother's home in Fresno. With his mother's help, the young, aspiring entrepreneur had to obtain permits in order to prepare goods in his private kitchen.

Recently, Jalen went to his first business mixer, where he networked with other local bakers and raised money for his back-to-school drive for homeless children. Market research companies get paid from manufacturers and companies to collect feedback from their customers, which they do by doing online surveys. Although, paid survey scams have mad it harder for people to find legal paid surveys sites, there are still hundreds of legal paid survey companies out there, willing to pay you for your opinion. Recently, he decided he wanted to begin raising money so he and his mom can move into a larger home, something that makes Mahan emotional, she said.

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