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It seems obvious to me that building the generic houses is the right strategy to earn a lot of money. The anwsers below are all incorrect - since the Easter 2015 update it no longer makes much economic sense to farm houses because each additional house of any type starts costing more and more money. The first question that needs to be answered is, how many payout cycles does it need to pay off the initial investment for building the house (Return Of Investment)? The amount of taps (or payout cycles) required to earn back what you initially invested in the building.
A value that takes into account 8 hours of sleep time and assumes a delay between payout cycles. The results show that the realistic payout for the high-frequency houses is much lower than initially assumed, while the low-frequency houses pay out close to their theoretical limit.
So the Brown House is only the best long-term investment if you're able to keep your number of payout cycles high.
Let's take a lot of 16x16 as the base for our calculation (we assume every house fits perfectly into this space, which is, of course, not entirely correct). But I already hear you screaming, "What about the delay for the first payout cycle to kick in?!" Yes, you're right, it's not like every house instantly starts paying out.

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0How to access quests that are required for certain building?3Which is the most efficient use of land, for a casual user, in Tapped Out?4What's the effect of having a neighbor tap on your house?
This data point is only included for informational value and will be ignored for any further value assessments. While it might pay off the fastest, other houses might have the potential to be more lucrative since they pay out more money. But to make use of this money fountain, you would have to make sure to hit every payout cycle within the 24 hour window and tap on the house every 5 minutes. They still pay out generally lower because the overlap between your sleep cycle and the payout cycle will vary. Given the long ROI time for the White House, how long does it take until it becomes a better investment than the Brown House?
Looking at those lines, it seems obvious that it'll take a couple more years for the White House to take over.

It is the best, realistic, investment given cost per square and realistic payout cycles per day. So, given enough time, the total earnings may be higher for them compared to the Brown House. Even if I only hit 50% of the projected payout cycles, the ROI for the Brown House is still superior to any other house!
While the White House takes a day to build, the Brown House could already have paid out up to 287 times!
The ROI for the Brown House will always be the best, but once you drop the number of payouts per day below 67, the White House will earn at a faster rate.
And if you drop the number of payouts even further, the Purple House and Blue House will earn faster as well.

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