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Home$20 credit on Living Social Restaurants Plus promo code$20 off first dinner promo code for Munchery! Sign up to Square Cash and receive $5 just by entering Square Cash referral code LQGGLKC during signup!
Want a Cashtag you can post anywhere that people can send money to without knowing anything else about you? Square Cash lets you request payments for goods and services at the low price of 1.9% per transaction.
But dont forget to enter the Square Cash referral code LQGGLKC during signup or you wont receive the $5 bonus!
Since the beginning of Square in 2009, Square has provided payment solutions for millions of businesses and people all across the country and processes billions of dollars worth of funds in a single month! Give Square cash a try and get $5 bonus just by using Square Cash referral code LQGGLKC during signup! In fact, I prefer it because of the $Cashtag option which allows me to receive cash just by telling people my $cashtag instead of my phone number or email.

All one needs to do is download the application from the respective App stores (Google Play for Android, or App store for IOS). It goes straight into your linked account and doesnt need intervention in order to have it deposited. And if you need money in a hurry and list your items under Buy It Now or a short auction, there’s a good chance you can actually get paid the same day.But what can you sell? Use it to pay your friend for coffee, treat a friend to pizza, or pay back someone for running into their fence! Once installed, open the app, and sign up (don’t forget to use Square Cash referral code LQGGLKC during signup for the $5)!
You’ll need to enter in a phone number for confirmation (it sends a password which you use to log in). All you need to do is choose a $Cashtag and share a link to your free profile to get paid by a friend or family member in a snap. If you receive money from friends using Square Cash, it deposits right into your debit account.

In fact, square cash implements the very best in mobile app security and payment protection.
No extra bells and whistles, it allows for easily and quickly sending and receiving cash to friends, family, co-workers, and relatives. I used to use paypal until I found Squarecash, and recommend Squarecash to all of my friends now.
If you primarily listen to music on your iPod and no longer have any real need for that massive CD collection that has been gathering dust for the last five years, consider putting them up for sale.

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