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The last time a Diablo game was on console was all the way back in 1998 on the PlayStation. The biggest point of hate for the PC version of Diablo III by myself and the world was the fact that you needed to have the game connected to the internet in order to play it. The main reason I find the console versions of Diablo III superior to the original PC release is because the game now has 4 play couch co-op. Even with these three aspects of the console version, the core concept and gameplay of Diablo III remains the same.
There’s a lot of new information out there regarding Bonus Legendary items, Quest Reset, and First Kill drops, and it certainly raises a lot of questions. They will only drop from end of Act bosses (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo, and eventually Malthael). Characters below level 11 are unlikely to find Legendary items, because they have a minimum level requirement. Using the Reset Quest feature will reset the First Kill Legendary Item drops as well, but only for characters in the appropriate level range. Skeleton King dropping a Bonus Legendary was a bug that has been corrected, as it was not intended. We plan on moving the Bonus Legendary to Malthael for players level 61+ when the expansion arrives.
As a veteran of the Reaper of Souls beta test, I find it hard to imagine anyone bothering to Reset Quests and play through 5 acts to get a guaranteed legendary drop from Malthael.
That way you can enjoy the rest of the game as you like, and when you get bored and want to switch it up, you could chip away at your reset quest thing. Beyond that though, I’m already done with it now pre expansion, doubtful like you say Flux that anyone will be doing it after the expansion comes out. Does this mean if i am level 70 and kill an act boss the first time i won’t get one ? I did the reset quests thing once, but did not like the fact that it takes away all the waypoints.

Anyone know or remember, does the button reset for all characters or only the one you are resetting with? The Diablo III Starter Edition enables you to try Blizzard’s Diablo 3 without having to buy it. Well evil has finally returned to home consoles because Diablo III has been released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The ability to sell and purchase game items for in-game or REAL money, what could possibly go wrong?
Online multiplayer is great and all that jazz, but it will never match the fun that comes with being in the same room as all of your amigos while playing a game together. With that in mind,  the main reasons Diablo III was both great but disappointing remain here. I made a post a little while back that helps clarify some of these points, so I’m going to quote it below to help spread the word. Currently there is a bug that allows characters levels 1-59 to receive a Bonus Legendary item in addition to the First Kill Legendary item when they kill Diablo, but this is not intended. You can get many more legendaries by doing Bounties or Rifts, and once you get used to the speed and variety and goals offered by Adventure Mode it’s just about impossible to play through the acts in order, with all the dead time moving between quests, talking to NPCs, etc. Then i went to Diablo killing him for the first time at level 60 and the the last item to be dropped was again a leg.
I picked up the PS3 version and after playing it for a few days, I’m tempted to say this is the definitive version of Diablo III.
So the grade will stay the same as the original review and the console versions of Diablo III will stand side by side with their PC brother. So sure, cool that this Reset Quests option exists, but few will be the fans who take advantage of it. It could be sheer luck on my side but i will bring my crusader up to level 70 before i kill any act boss for the first time. In the Diablo III Starter Edition, you are able to play Act 1 up to the Skeleton King, up to a character level of 13 and Matchmaking with other Starter Edition players.

I played Diablo III to completion twice over when it released for the PC last year and, contrary to popular opinion, really enjoyed it. When its servers were murdered by the initial torrent of gamers trying to play the game,  Diablo III was basically just a $60 title screen. If you find yourself wondering which version is better for you, just succumb to peer pressure and get whichever ones your friends are playing.
The user interface has also been streamlined so that you don’t have to wait extended periods of time while your buddies try to figure out which spells and weapons to equip.
And for those of you wondering if you should double dip, if you liked the PC version and love local multiplayer, then get this one fast and hard. So not only was the game playable on day 1, it won’t kick your ass to the curb if your internet connection drops. So while you were running around killing elites and hoping that even a slightly better weapon would drop, your friend would join your game and patronize you with all of his shinny super rare items that he bought from the Auction House.
Local co-op brings a whole new dynamic to Diablo III, but if it is not your thing, feel free to just stick with online multiplayer. Second, there is no Auction House. And third, there is now 4 player couch cooperative play. So Diablo III basically had two things I hated removed, and one thing I always wanted added. Either play the game forever to get pass level 1, or throw a few bucks in to move onto level 2.

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