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Over the last decade or so it has become increasingly popular for people to identify themselves as “entrepreneurs”, perhaps because the “start-up CEO” sometimes becomes a kind of rock star. I have had the pleasure of working with many world-class entrepreneurs during my career, and an equal number of people that thought they were entrepreneurs.
For instance, you can be innovative, aggressive, a self-starter, clever, a tireless worker, inventive, and a brilliant business person – have cetain entrepreneurial aspects to your personality – and not be an entrepreneur.
You sometimes act like your Dad, walking around the office turning off lights, yelling “electricity isn’t free”. Enter your email address to subscribe to EntrepreNEWS and receive notifications of new posts by email once a week. Technology is not merely a word of 10A characters, it is the term which may segregate generations.
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This quote caught my attention after I watched a TED talk by Joshua Foer on memory techniques that anyone can learn. The quote is interesting because he talks about how improving memory will improve your life. If I paid attention maybe I’d remember the name of that person I met at a conference last year. But when it works, you form a parental attachment to your company, and the people that helped make it successful.
Millions of dollars are spent in the pursuit of happiness so why is it that so many people still seem unhappy?
She is in the top 100 best selling music artists with an estimated 100 million records sold worldwide. She has won several Grammy Awards and has become the most successful crossover performer in Latin music to date.

From the best lists by our authors you can feel comfort in deciding the best resource according to your desire. These inspirations led us to create and launch a beautiful and fully functioned site on technology. While it would be amazing to be able to memorize entire phone books, it really wouldn’t help us much in the real world. It’s time to pay attention to our lives and everything around us and remember what happened.
We will not only make your tech world easier but also secure by providing you articles on latest security leaks and fixes.
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The feats sound incredible but Joshua explains that anyone can learn the techniques and become a memory master.
Improving your memory shouldn’t just end at how many random objects, numbers or names you can memorize. I gave up a paying job to start my own company because I wanted to take control of my life. If I bumped into him again I could impress him by remembering his name and asking about his interests.
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It should be used to remember our lives, our experiences and our interactions with other people. Most people spend 8 hours or more each day working at a job they don’t like, doing things other people ask them to do. I believe social entrepreneurs have found the key to happiness.So what is this illusive thing called happiness and how do we get it?

Imagine how much more we could gain by paying attention and remembering the little details.
Those who are most charitable, Reuter’s research indicated, generally have a positive outlook on the world as well as two copies of a particular gene variant called COMT-Val.
Those with one copy of a related gene variant, COMT-Met, are less likely to donate money to a needy child in a developing country, and more likely to have a negative view of life.
Helping Others Brings Happiness Psychologists have been studing what causes an individual’s happiness for decades.
However, the idea that happiness is a genetic trait influenced by early life experiences has been challenged by new research from Germany.The German Socio-Economic Panel survey spent 25 years tracking the happiness levels of 60,000 Germans and seems to have discover the key to happiness. It found that people who were persistently involved in altruistic activities, such as helping people, were more satisfied with life and experience greater happiness. It also found feelings of happiness and wellbeing respond to external factors such as healthy lifestyle, religion and working hours. Well… yes and no We spend a lot of money trying to buy things that will bring us enjoyment or spend time pursuing wealth.
New research suggests that it is possible to buy happiness after all: when you spend money on others.
Study after study has shown that once your basic needs are met and you are not living in poverty, more money does not make you happier. In a series of studies, University of British Columbia Professor Elizabeth Dunn found that individuals report significantly greater happiness if they spend money “pro-socially” – that is on gifts for others or charitable donations – rather than spending on themselves.
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