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Legal Aid SA is looking for Communications Interns (X2) at the National Office in Braamfontein.
Sharlyn Lauby is the president of Internal Talent Management (ITM) which specializes in employee training and human resources consulting. You can hardly have a conversation about social media today without discussing the concept of transparency.
For those looking to refine their social media messaging, here are five ways to become more transparent. It’s just as important to be viewed as a person with a lot of talented resources as it is to be viewed as an expert. We all know that part of transparency is being responsible about the information you share. For some businesses, taking a stand on social issues is a part of their culture and something we, as consumers, come to expect. I know, that sounds obvious, but keep in mind that part of transparency means putting all the pertinent details out there.
One way the truth is sometimes challenged is when new projects or initiatives are implemented. When considering and implementing changes, it could be beneficial to use crowdsourcing for gathering information, announce changes in advance, and garner customer buy-in. Because social media is so immediate, you need to start or participate in conversations as they happen.
If you are going to be a part of social media, then remember that timeliness can often mean the difference between success and failure.
While some industries, such as the cruise industry, are natural fits for using social media to build community, there are other industries that are not traditionally known for building community turning to social media as a way to educate customers and generate ideas for new products and services.
While it might appear on the surface that transparency is nothing more than telling the truth, sometimes telling the truth is hard.
Sharlyn LaubySharlyn Lauby, SPHR, CPLP is the HR Bartender, whose blog is a friendly place to discuss workplace issues.
Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change. MANILA, Philippines – It was a grand celebration and reunion as the talents of Star Magic gathered together on ASAP, Sunday, July 31 to celebrate the talent center's 24th anniversary. Star Magic's big stars such as Piolo Pascual, Bea Alonzo, Jericho Rosales, Jolina Magdangal, Diether Ocampo, Sam Milby and Jodi Sta Maria led the gathering. Singers led by Vina Morales, Yeng Constantino, Matteo Guidicelli, Erik Santos also performed a song number. What comes to mind when thinking about Selena Gomez's concert is one of my all time favourite quotes, “Fake it ‘till you make it.” No, it's not meant in a negative way or as a derogatory statement – as one might assume at first glance – but an inspirational phrase said to me by one of my early mentors, Zig Ziglar.
For this tour, there's a huge rolling main stage with a painted deck which creates an illusion of 3 interlocking, individual runways, with multiple trap doors where dancers emerge and exit, strategically placed high-speed wind machines to attain the full windblown hair effect, exercise balls incorporated into the dance routines, scissor lifts.
There were interactive rolling stage-prop triangles incorporated into the design, at times used as screens for magical costume changes, huge angular tipped video panels, the center one of which, lifts from the base to allow for a grand entrance and exit, multi-level scaffolding for dancers and musicians, enormous stage-to-ceiling inflatable single stem red roses and huge LED orbs.
Many of the aspects were present here, with musicians positioned up on the stage scaffolding at the start of the show and the same props you’d see in previous productions, but some pieces had been simplified, the intricate stage deck morphed into the typical rectangular shape design with a catwalk added for drama, no trap doors needed.
With live video feeds often showing close ups or perfectly planned full shots so it provided a connection with the entire crowd, including the folks further away from the stage.
A polished branded look to the videos, which were presented at perfect intervals, coincided with multiple outfit changes for the dance crew and Selena. Everything skilfully matched to the composition of the various segments and the overall feel of the show.
This dance team really had it together, bounding and tumbling, constantly moving to the beat, a well-executed and carefully choreographed routine throughout, keeping up the energy up, a nice complement to the show.
There were some bumps, but just as in my favourite quote, somewhere along the line, maybe 6 or 7 songs in, something changed and she began to hit her stride. As the concert progressed you could feel her enthusiasm catching up with the crowd's fervor, and you could see it physically, with a zip in her step and the vocals smoothing out. She addressed the crowd periodically, commenting on their exemplary demeanor, tidbits of insights about the upcoming song, along with quips about a life lesson in general. There was a portion of the show where they rocked it out, flanked by her two guitarists, tearing up some outstanding riffs, as she belted the vocals as the audience cheered her on. My favorite portions of the concert took place later on, the Eurythmics cover song, “Sweet Dreams”, music from my youth that I can relate to and when it was just her at the grand piano center stage, that’s where she really shined. Like a steam engine, which takes a while to build up speed, once you get it going, there’s no stopping it and it appears that her Revival Tour is doing just that. Keep an eye out for her continuing saga with the good, the bad and the ugly (she said herself that her fans really have seen most of her life, as she grew up in front of the camera) for all to see, just scratching the surface on this woman's talent, hence her enormous popularity. Kudos for hanging in there and overcoming challenges that would send most folks running home with their tail between their legs. Plantronics is working to capture a bigger piece of the gaming-headset market, and it’s launching a new wireless audio device with insane battery life to compete. On top of that, Rosemond worked with Sony and Microsoft to get official licensing for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which means that the device is wireless for both systems. That different than some previous headsets from a number of manufacturers that have required special dongles to function with the new consoles. Although the esports boss did point out that his team is always looking at where it can bring in the latest audio technology, and that includes some upcoming improvements to virtual surround sound on consoles.

Plantronics has broken into a competitive market when it comes to gaming headsets, but the company is not some audio-technology rookie. We couldn’t do it without the journalists, writers, event organisers and people of Consett who continue to contribute their time into making Consett Magazine a truly collaborative community publication. ABOUT USConsett Magazine is your news, entertainment, lifestyle, business, and sporting resource for Consett Co.Durham.
WASHINGTON, United States – With neither a parachute nor a wingsuit, an American skydiver leapt into the void at 25,000 feet (7,600 meters) on Saturday, July 30, becoming the first skydiver to land safely on the ground in a net.
Luke Aikinsm, who has also done movie stunts, spent a year and a half preparing the death-defying feat, plummeting at 120 miles per hour (193 kph) in Simi Valley, California. There was a lot of method behind Aikins' madness: out of 18,000 skydiving stunts he made, he only used his emergency chute on 30 occasions. Also an airplane and helicopter pilot, Aikins made his first tandem jump when he was 12, following with his first solo leap four years later. Back on the ground with his wife and family, he seemed stunned at his own bit of history-making.
Aikins also is a third-generation skydiver whose grandfather co-founded the skydiving school after returning from World War II. That’s how relatives of Roman Clifford Manaois described his untimely death in the hands of unidentified gunmen on July 19 in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. Cecil Manaois told Rappler in an interview on Thursday, July 28, her son was just supposed to go to the city market to eat kaleskes, a local delicacy. Oman, as fondly called by family and friends, was picked up at 9 pm from his house by a tricycle driven by his friend, Julio*. While paying his fare at his destination, Zaldy was gunned down at close range by men wearing bonnets. According to Oman’s relative, Melandrew Velasco, Julio, who was able to flee, recalled that Oman held up his hands, seemingly asking for mercy, when the gunmen turned to him. What was supposed to be a short trip to satisfy a craving ended the dreams not just of Oman, but also his family.
The second of 4 children to a housewife and a disabled father, Oman was the breadwinner who worked while studying. Oman was also just a few months shy from graduating and was scheduled to take an overseas job in Dubai. The Oman the people of Barangay Carael grew up knowing was far from the suspected drug users and pushers that wound up behind bars – or worse, dead – as the present administration’s war on drugs intensifies. His death was a surprise to many who knew Oman as the good son who did odd jobs to help his family, the loving grandson who spent the last hours of his life tending to his 71-year-old half-blind grandmother, and the selfless community member who served as a sacristan in the local parish, among others.
His family, however, couldn't help but feel hurt by the various comments online accusing Oman of being involved in illegal drugs. Melandrew, meanwhile, cited the coroner’s report that said Oman’s body had no trace of illegal substance. Oman is just one of the many individuals whose lives were cut short by unidentified gunmen. In Dagupan City, for example, a 22-year-old graduating honor student was also found dead the day Oman was killed.
There is still no official number of victims of vigilante-style killings across the Philippines. The lack of identifying features – most suspects wore bonnets over their heads – hinder families of victims from attaining justice. Julian, the sole witness, was not able to see the face of the gunmen who killed both Zaldy and Oman. The meteoric rise of hoverboards — the technically inaccurate catch-all term for self-balancing electric skateboards — has been marred by a recent controversy over their safety. The devices that have caught fire are generally thought to be cheap knockoff devices, though a hoverboard from Swagway — one of the better-known hoverboard makers — purchased online from Modell's Sporting Goods caught fire in a Chappaqua, New York home, according to the Chappaqua Fire Department. It's easy to say "don't buy a knockoff device" — and we have — but a fire that involves a seemingly reputable hoverboard maker (Swagway was even recommended by well-known reviews site The Wirecutter, although that recommendation has since been suspended) complicates matters for consumers even more. Following the Chappaqua incident, Amazon removed all listings for Swagway-branded hoverboards on its site. With increasing reports of exploding hoverboards and major retailers pulling the devices from their (virtual) shelves, many are undoubtedly left wondering which hoverboards are safe and which aren't. Hoverboards, like our laptops, smartphones and other rechargeable devices, use lithium-ion batteries. These fires almost never happen on name-brand devices, because larger companies use high-quality batteries.
Image: Mashable, Jhila Farzaneh“There are a lot of factories in China that now make Li-ion batteries, and the reality is that the quality and consistency of these batteries is typically not as good as what is found in top-tier producers such as LG or Samsung,” said Whitacre.
A report by BuzzFeed News revealed hoverboards are made in hundreds of factories in China, where they are purchased by Western distributors to be labeled and shipped to consumers. These numerous factories began churning out hoverboards quickly and cheaply to capitalize on the virality of these devices. Since many hoverboards are marketed under unknown brands and often sold via less-regulated means (think Amazon marketplaces or mall kiosks), there's virtually no way of knowing where the specific hoverboard you see on a store shelf came from. Also, the physical use case of a hoverboard is much different from laptops, tablets, smartphones and virtually every other device that has a lithium-ion battery, which could be a contributing factor in hoverboard fires. That's a plausible explanation for why a hoverboard would catch fire — even one from a reputable manufacturer and purchased at an official reseller, but it's by no means definitive. Hoverboards are a brand-new category with few reliable signposts for consumers to look for if they care about quality. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Indeed, just a few years back, her first scheduled concert here, and parts of of the Australia and Asia for that matter, was canceled, a huge disappointment for fans.

It’s no different for a superstar, perhaps even more taxing when your life is viewed under a microscope by millions. The stage production here was pared down a bit, in comparison up to the system in the US portion of her Revival tour. It was in a wonderfully animated style, made it relatively easy to catch images showing a vibrant expression.
The giant roses were cool, to accompany a New Orleans Mardi Gras stage but what impressed me was the creative use of such a common item, such as an exercise ball, as they mixed it into an entertaining and energetic routine. A concert is a two-way street, with travelers in either direction, often advancing at different speeds, and the energy from the fans began to elevate the performance itself. She created electric moments that all concertgoers seek, where the music was emanating from her with a surreal, natural ease and artist and the admirers connected as one. There were no dancers, stage props or other distractions, just a simple spotlight, highlighting her incredible vocal gift, without the overwhelming static that can often mask much of what we want to hear, on and offstage. By the end of the event everyone’s speedometer was in sync, just how you’d envision a performance should be. If you follow her career path, since the beginning, as a child actor on the Barney show, to her years with the Disney organization, leading up until now, you’ll know her journey is a singular one, surpassing what a typical performing artist would have experienced in their entire career, never mind at the tender young age of 24. This means that the 800 already has several different add-ons and alternative materials that players can swap in to personalize their listening and wearing experience. It has years of experience building specific equipment for demanding customers, like the United States military.
He is most likely to be seen on Consett Magazine writing about new technology and futuristic subjects like 3D printing, internet start-ups, and breakthroughs in science.
And we'll show you what's possible," said the 42-year-old skydiver who runs a skydiving school in Washington state, just before taking off. Family and friends only have praises for Roman 'Oman' Manaois who was killed by unidentified gunmen on July 19.
On the way to Galvan Market, a neighbor named Zaldy Abalos hailed the vehicle and requested to be dropped off at Lucao district. Human rights watchdog Amnesty International Philippines recorded nearly 100 individuals killed by unidentified gunmen or groups as of July 11. Police Inspector Enrique Columbia of Dagupan City Police District’s Investigation Unit told Rappler that investigation is still ongoing based on his statement. But the lack of information on who might be responsible for the death of her son sometimes make her feel hopeless. There have been many reports in recent weeks of hoverboards catching fire and causing significant property damage.
According to Jay Whitacre, a professor of Materials Science at Carnegie Mellon University, speaking to WIRED, many hoverboard manufacturers seem to be using cheap, low-quality batteries more susceptible to short-circuiting due to poor separator design.
Swagway says its batteries are made by either LG or Samsung and Mashable confirmed the presence of a Samsung battery by taking apart one of the units Swagway sent us directly.
A hoverboard brand could easily source boards from a number of different factories, making the origins of these devices — and their batteries — murky. The earliest hoverboards to hit the market, like those from IO Hawk, cost around $1,800, but most other manufacturers look to undercut that cost significantly.
Hoverboards are designed to be in motion and are often jumped on, ridden on uneven surfaces, smashed into things, or abused in some capacity, possibly increasing the risk of battery damage, and thus, fire.
And it makes the whole situation even murkier, since a supposedly "legit" hoverboard could become just as risky as one from an off-brand. This is more of a phrase about finding the strength from within (maybe fooling yourself a bit) and more about showing up.
Regardless, you just have to pull up your bootstraps, walk the walk, put on a smile and do your best, sometimes it’s more than half the battle, to simply just show up.
There were various themed segments, often with a risque style you typically witness in today’s pop music.
Some artists just say that, but in two or three years time, I think she’ll show up again – make sure you don't miss the show next time! That puts it well ahead of competition from Razer and Astro, which have devices that last around 15 hours. With that in its history, the company is ready to battle it out with Astro and others for the affection of gamers around the world.
A Lithium-ion cell uses a metal separator to keep positive and negative electrodes apart, preventing short-circuiting. Those looking to join the rapidly growing hoverboard community this holiday should be on alert: There are some companies that may be willing to shortchange safety concerns in order to cash in on that excitement. Surprisingly, after you get the ball rolling, something wonderfully instinctive begins to take over and you’re rocking and rolling before you even realise it, once you get the rhythm, it ain’t so bad after all. Plantronics is selling the Rig 800 for $150 in the fall, and it is hoping to capture a segment of consumers who want to drop the wires and upgrade their gameplay audio without having to think a lot about battery life. A short-circuit will cause a lithium-ion battery to heat up very quickly, often leading to fire.
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