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Over the last 10 years or so, increasing numbers of Americans have been seeking the satisfaction that comes with a trade. Ron Paul: US Interventionism Always Leads to Trouble Net Neutrality Russian Proton Rocket Crashes!
It Was Carrying Their Most Advanced Satellite to Date Establishment Trying To Sexualize Young Children Aliens: Love Them or Hate Them?
They recently authored a sharp book on how to effectively teach reading called Notice and Note. It summarizes a fantastic way to improve the teaching of reading -- which , goodness know -- ain't freakin' easy!!  In the session, Beers and Probst did a very entertaining two-teacher routine while illustrating how to lead a class through a "close reading" of "Thank You Ma'am" by Langston Hughes. We're studying The Great Gatsby -- which is especially interesting because I teach in Great Neck, the book's famous setting.

I encouraged my pupils to view each signpost through two perspectives: a character's and your own.
But, I am proud of how I combined their ideas with mind-mapping, magic markers, and creativity.
My innovations added an outstanding twist to an excellent reading lesson.Executing the lesson: I put 20 minutes on a countdown timer -- I love having a classroom computer hooked up to a projector!
Plus, the students were having fun!After their 20-minute workshop session, I led them in a whip. Be sure to take notes as we go through the class and talk about the points raised."I always, always, always instruct my students to take notes. What exactly does that term mean?Well, here's a similar lesson done in a more "teacher-centered" way.

I hand out this mind map, read key scenes to the class, and lead them in discussions about the book and its themes.
The students take notes based off my cues.This method is adequate -- but the teacher is at the center of it.

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