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You'd be surprised which things in your timeline are tipping them off: your anger level and linking habits. Data scientists are becoming adept at making predictions about people based on very subtle clues on public social media, such as language used, friend networks, or topics a user talks about.
In the study, researchers looked at about 5,000 real Twitter profiles that clearly described the person’s job, whether that job was a tech executive or a coal miner.
The team did the study because they’re interested in making more demographic data available for social science research. And as algorithms make more and more automated decisions, the results will become less transparent to the public. How Much Money Does It Take To Be In The Top 1% Of Wealth - How Much Money Does It Take To Be In The Top 1% of Wealth and Net Worth in the United States? Compare Finance Products - MoneySuperMarket - reduce the cost of moving home; Keep up to date with the latest issues affecting your Money.
Making it rain has become a sport for rappers and athletes who enjoy shining when they’re in the strip club. That demographic who loves to see and be a part of this ish supports this continued activity of being completely over the top. Hip-Hop Wired delivers daily hip-hop music news, videos and streaming tracks from your favorite rap artists, plus the latest political and fashion news—including the hottest sneakers to hit the street. Exhibit 1 summarizes the distribution of funds in AlphaClone’s universe by holding periods. Exhibit 2, summarizes the distribution of funds in AlphaClone’s universe by holding period, for high conviction positions. Surprisingly perhaps for many, the average holding period for high conviction positions is a staggering 4 years! For example, many 13F followers believe low turnover is a key determinant for success when selecting which managers to follow. Swimmer Michael Phelps is the most prominent athlete to appear with circular bruises over his body this week, raising eyebrows and questions.
The process involves small, glass cups that look like shot glasses with nipples being placed over his skin, and a practitioner then inducing a vacuum inside the cup by heating the air. Fifteen years ago this September 11, 19 terrorists, using four jetliners as guided missiles, killed 2,977 people—and enveloped the country in fear. Barack Obama remembers that after the second plane hit, he left the Chicago building that housed his state-Senate office. Poor white Americans’ current crisis shouldn’t have caught the rest of the country as off guard as it has.
Sometime during the past few years, the country started talking differently about white Americans of modest means.
The way some white professionals raise their children is exacerbating an alcohol problem on U.S. A few themes emerge among intellectuals on the right about what attracts them to the candidate: his campaign’s energy, his impassioned following, and his eagerness to call out the establishment.
Logically, Donald Trump should have less support among intellectuals than he had a year ago. Instead, more than a year after Trump announced his presidential bid, his support among intellectuals has grown. In 2006, Donald Trump made plans to purchase the Menie Estate, near Aberdeen, Scotland, aiming to convert the dunes and grassland into a luxury golf resort.
From an evolutionary standpoint, empathy is a valuable impulse that helps humans survive in groups.
Children in the Danish school system participate in a mandatory national program called Step by Step as early as preschool.
National security has become a cornerstone of the case against Donald Trump—and high-profile support matters. Of all the arguments Hillary Clinton has made against Donald Trump, the charge that he cannot be trusted with America’s nuclear codes may prove most memorable. FirstNet is in such disarray that 15 years after the problem it is supposed to solve was identified, it is years from completion—and it may never get completed at all.
What to make of the combination of bedazzled femininity and ferocious athleticism that defines women’s gymnastics? At that point the gathered women began sharing their nerves-before-competition stories, talking over each other with giddy mentions of the shaking hands and near-vom experiences that came when they finally—finally—found themselves on the Olympic stage.
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Pay-day is a relatively small amount of money lent at a high rate of interest on the agreement that it will be repaid when the borrower receives their next wages. But these same kind of predictions could be useful to marketers, data brokers, employers, and government surveillance agencies. Aside from caring about your privacy for the sake of it, knowing details like age or income does make discrimination easier, whether applying for a job or even simply shopping online.
From there you start moving into influence strategies (how can we influence the conversation?) and segmentation (dividing people up by their attributes)," Wilson said in an email. Tossing dollars in the air for strippers and even faculty that work at the gentlemen clubs is one of those acts that is supposed to separate the ballers from the frauds and expose one’s tax bracket in case anyone was interested. The truth is hedge funds hold their positions on average for at least a year and for high conviction holdings it can be much longer than that, therefore disclosing positions quarterly can yield valuable information about a security. We analyze holding periods for all Form 13F disclosed securities as well as for those held with high conviction. For the purposes of this analysis we define high conviction positions, as any position who’s size has attained a rank of 10 or lower (a rank of 1 is the highest conviction position and the largest position) in a manager’s portfolio at any time over the course of the manager’s holding period. Perhaps the most remarkable outcome from Exhibit 2 is the contrast between reality and conventional belief around how hedge funds invest. Many investors fall in love with a manager’s stellar returns, with the manager’s brand or their cult of personality. The idea is that low turnover managers hold their positions for very long periods of time and therefore following their disclosed holdings makes the most sense, especially when they also have a great historical performance record.
For the purpose of this analysis we define cloning efficacy by summing the monthly excess returns (2010-2015) of a composite made up of several “follow simulations” or “clones” (e.g. There is absolutely zero correlation between a manager’s holding period and the desirability of cloning their positions.
But that would only tangentially explain the bruises, which are self-inflicted, the result of a practice known as cupping. That suction pulls his skin up into the cup, breaking capillaries and causing blood to pool and stagnate, creating a bruise. It was the first sustained attack on American soil since the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which was a far-off military base. Not just to disease, tornadoes, accidents, or criminals, but to the kinds of enemies that had always threatened others but never us. That’s because over the past year, he has made statements that expose him as both ignorant of public policy and contemptuous of liberal-democratic norms. Of course, many prominent conservatives—from George Will to William Kristol to David Brooks to Erick Erickson—oppose him militantly.
He and the estate’s owner, Tom Griffin, sat down to discuss the transaction at the Cock & Bull restaurant. The children are shown pictures of kids who are each exhibiting a different emotion: sadness, fear, anger, frustration, happiness, and so on. They would communicate on bandwidth worth billions of dollars in the commercial market but now reserved by the Federal Communications Commission for FirstNet. According to the GAO, estimates of its cost range from $12 billion to $47 billion, even as advances in digital technology seem to have eliminated the need to spend any of it.
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But what many people don’t realize is that simply using Twitter at all can reveal a lot more than intended. In another example, a public tool developed by James Pennebaker, a University of Texas psychologist, will allow you to analyze your own personality based on Twitter (Preotiuc-Pietro says he is working on a similar tool that will predict anyone’s income). He notes that this is likely the rationale behind Twitter's purchase last year of Gnip, a company that supplies raw feeds of social media data to other companies.
Whenever we discuss our methodology with prospective investors, the first question ALWAYS relates to the delayed nature of Form 13F filings. We also look at whether the length of a manager’s holding period is predictive in any way to the efficacy of following their holdings.

Holdings that appear, disappear and then appear again later are treated as separate trades.
It makes intuitive sense then that if managers are waiting on average a year and a half to realize their investment thesis, the fact they must file quarterly means that following them based on their disclosures can make sense …. Positions that rank among the manager’s largest will drive performance, for better or worse.
Fed by the financial media, investor perception is that hedge funds are charlatans getting rich off of high fees, playing a game that the average investor could not hope to understand let alone profit from. Longer holding periods are necessary to make a manager’s disclosures usable but not sufficient to determine which manager to follow. This massacre hit the center of our government and blasted away part of our most iconic skyline. There was much discussion of “white working-class voters,” with whom the Democrats, and especially Barack Obama, were having such trouble connecting.
He has proposed banning Muslims from entering the United States, incited violence against protesters at his rallies, responded to The Washington Post’s critical coverage by warning that its owner is “getting away with murder” on his taxes and “we can’t let him get away with it,” declared a federal judge biased because he’s Mexican American, and twice revealed his unfamiliarity with the term nuclear triad. But another cluster of writers and thinkers have declared themselves supportive of, or at least open to supporting, Trump. Griffin recalls that Trump was a hard-nosed negotiator, reluctant to give in on even the tiniest details. But in Denmark, a nation that has consistently been voted the happiest place in the world since Richard Nixon was president, children are taught about empathy from a young age both inside and outside of school. The students talk about these cards and put into words what the child is sensing, learning to conceptualize their own and others’ feelings. But as the Clinton campaign courts Republicans as it makes its national-security case, will it alienate progressive Democrats along the way?
After creating a predictive model, the researchers could then estimate the salary of unknown users with high accuracy—enough to say one user was in the top 5% income bracket and another in the top 20%.
They also include fewer links in their tweets—their 140 character musings are more personal.
Just put your twitter handle into the AnalyzeWords site, and it’ll spit out something like my results seen above.
The implication is that a hedge fund manager is likely to have already exited their position by the time the manager’s quarterly filing is published 45 days after quarter end, rendering the form useless.
Hedge funds are hot money, fast money, smarter than you money when the market’s up, and the money we love to hate when the market’s down. All simulations account for the delay inherent in 13F disclosures and include the effects of “dead” or delisted securities, thereby avoiding survivorship bias. It left a stench that New Yorkers could smell weeks later as remains continued to be recovered from the ashes.
Never mind that this overbroad category of Americans—the exit pollsters’ definition was anyone without a four-year college degree, or more than a third of the electorate—obliterated major differences in geography, ethnicity, and culture. We did those things in the wild, away from our parents, in the danger and thrill of the dark, sacred night. Among Trump’s critics, the predominant explanation for this openness is opportunism: Supporting the Republican nominee can have professional benefits.
But, as Michael D’Antonio writes in his recent biography of Trump, Never Enough, Griffin’s most vivid recollection of the evening pertains to the theatrics. High conviction holdings also tend to do better when followed than the average holding overall so it’s worth taking a look at holding periods for high conviction holdings only. The reality of course is the opposite, hedge funds don’t play by a different set of investing rules; they buy and hold, they are patient, and yes, on average they are indeed more skilled than most investors, but that’s because they are more experienced and better equipped, not be because the laws of investing physics are somehow different for them. Like any investment approach, success using 13Fs takes doing your homework, it takes discipline and it takes patience. The label served to conjure a vast swath of salt-of-the-earth citizens living and working in the wide-open spaces between the coasts—Sarah Palin’s “real America”—who were dubious of the effete, hifalutin types increasingly dominating the party that had once purported to represent the common man. It was as if the golden-haired guest sitting across the table were an actor playing a part on the London stage. An essential part of the program is that the facilitators and children aren’t judgmental of the emotions they see; instead, they simply recognize and respect those sentiments. Some of us had curfews, others did not—but either way, you could get a lot done by midnight.
It’s just hard to recognize, because American intellectuals haven’t felt the allure of authoritarian, illiberal politics this strongly in a long time. Beyond us, on the other side of high school, was some sort of future, probably more or less in line with our parents’ larger plans for us, but maybe not.
The average middle-class kid (as we were called back then, meaning: a white kid whose parents owned a house and whose father was steadily employed) was not burnishing dreams of Princeton. Go to class, show up for the SAT, fill out the applications, and then enroll in the best, or the most interesting, or the farthest from home, or the cheapest college that lets you in. Mothers were not yet against drunk driving; cheerful ladies did not give you condoms at school.

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