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Here's everything you need to know about Marvel's oft-misunderstood antihero: There Are a Lot of Ghost Riders Casual audiences are pretty familiar with Ghost Rider by now, thanks to the two movies starring Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze.
But comic book readers will know that Blaze is one of many Ghost Riders who have raced their way across the Marvel Universe. Blaze is pretty much the quintessential Ghost Rider in terms of look, powers, origin story and prominence in the comics. He's the death-defying stunt racer who sold his soul to save a loved one and is now cursed to roam the highways and punish the wicked. Even the original Ghost Rider, a Wild West vigilante who rode a horse and dressed all in white, has been incorporated into the larger mythology (though he's now known as Phantom Rider). There's nothing stopping Netflix from commissioning a Ghost Rider series featuring Johnny Blaze or Marvel Studios bringing the character back to the big screen. If anything, introducing multiple Ghost Riders in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would just help increase the interconnectivity among these different projects. With their parents gone, Robbie has no choice but to be the breadwinner for himself and his brother. Even the initial accident that transforms Robbie into Ghost Rider happens because Robbie attempts to win a street race and earn enough money to move his brother to a safer, less gang-infested neighborhood.
Gabe, a hardcore superhero fanatic, idolizes his older brother and his exploits as Ghost Rider. One of the big developments in All-New Ghost Rider concerns the revelation that Eli is actually Robbie's long-lost uncle. Furthermore, it's revealed that Uncle Eli was a serial killer who injured Robbie's mother and caused Gabe's disability in the first place.
He's willing to kill to quench that thirst, but only those evildoers who deserve to be punished. Season 2, running his own veterinary clinic and freed from the torturous memories that plagued him for so long.
We could picture a scenario where another villain attempts to replicate Zabo's super-serum, forcing Coulson to restore Zabo's memories and aid SHIELD.
Or perhaps Zabo's memories will return on their own and he'll be seeking revenge for the fact that Coulson robbed him of his memories of Skye.
Whatever the case, we're hoping that the debut of Robbie Reyes also means the return of Calvin Zabo.

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