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One great centerpiece idea that is very inexpensive is making use of rose petals with candles. Make use of candles of different shapes, height, and thickness for an interesting centerpiece. If you have a Hawaiian wedding, you can use tropical fruits such a pineapples, mangoes, watermelons, and bananas as your centerpiece. To complete the ideas on cheap wedding centerpieces, here we have selected a number of samples of inexpensive wedding centerpieces for your consideration and inspiration.
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Just sprinkle a number of rose petals at the center of the table and place a group of candles over them. It would be better to put one to three colorful flowers in each slim vase to keep it clean and simple.
Centerpieces are imperative since they make the wedding reception area much more beautiful, but they do not need to be expensive in order to transform a boring room to something that looks wonderful.
For an autumn wedding reception, you can make use of the harvests or produce that are common in autumn such as gourds, pumpkins, acorns, nuts, sunflowers, wheat, and so on. For a beach wedding, take advantage of the things that you can collect at the beach such as sand, pebbles, sea shells, starfish, and so on.
You now have a very easy and affordable centerpiece that will only cost you a few measly dollars. Just create something using these materials and you will have the perfect beach wedding centerpiece.

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