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We show off the latest content in the new Be My Valentine update for Grand Theft Auto Online.
Creating a wide-bodied racer with the brand new Grand Theft Auto Online customization options. The newest Grand Theft Auto Online weapon allows for some classic slasher movie inspired action.
IGN goes over the additions to GTA 5 and GTA Online in part two of the Ill-Gotten Gains update. IGN gives you an overview of what new content is worth checking out in the first part of the Ill-Gotten Gains update to GTA 5 and GTA Online.
IGN takes you through Karuma, the second setup mission for the Fleeca Job heist in GTA Online.
IGN takes you through Scope Out, the first setup mission for The Fleeca Job heist in GTA Online.
IGN guides you through The Bus Assassination - one of Lester's stock market assassination missions in Grand Theft Auto V. GTA 5 provides no cheats for money, thus players need all the tips and tricks in order to get enough cash in GTA V.
In the north-west area on the map, in the Pacific ocean, you will find a treasure box with $12000 with weapons near a crashed plane. After breaking cash counters, you will hear a crash sound, and money bags will fall down on the ground.
There are more than 50 random events and most of them rewards you with money from $50 to $100,000. Rob Security Vans ($3000-$7000) Random event Security Van Heist spawns Security vans on different locations. If you can’t open the back doors, place a bomb on it, or just drive the car into the water. Once you reach the motel, drive behind the motel through police cars, but try not to harm any policeman, or they will turn on you. Once you buy a property (marked as a house with $ icon on the map), you can start a business and get a permanent source of income. So I am 10 missions into the game, and I am unable to see many of the random events, including Deal gone wrong (nobody there, even at night), Altruist cult shootout (no treasure box), or drug shootout (found barn, no money or nobody there)…so am wondering why none of these are available to me yet? All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by Mmorpg life DOO or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. Because frankly, I'm rich enough to do whatever the fuck I want and you're poor enough not to ask me any goddamn stupid questions. Devin Weston is an influential billionaire and ruthless business tycoon that runs numerous enterprises in the fictional city of Los Santos, many of which include criminal activities.
Eventually, Weston betrays Michael by attempting to have his family murdered by his personal squad of mercenaries, all due to Weston's personal assistant being killed in an accident caused by Michael. Later in the story, after Michael, Trevor and Franklin pull off their biggest heist yet, Weston pays a visit to Franklin and asks him to murder Michael on his behalf.
If Franklin chooses to go after all of the team's enemies, he, Michael and Trevor, with the help of their heist planner and hacker Lester, set a trap for Haines' corrupt agents and Weston's group of mercenaries.

Alternatively if the player, as Franklin, chooses to kill Michael or Trevor, then Weston's final fate is not shown and it is assumed he survives the events of the game. Weston also seems to have gotten used to being very pampered over time; it is very obvious that it has been a long time since he has not gotten everything he wanted handed to him. He gives the appearance of living a healthy life and a clear, peaceful mindset by practicing yoga (even having his Life Invader profile picture in a namaste greeting pose) but in reality, he uses this image in a passive aggressive stance, still looking down at others. Weston, according to Trevor, "fancies himself a liberal" and thus engages in several stereotypical "upper class liberal" activities, such as practicing yoga and drinking fancy lattes. Weston also has the habit of calling any of the protagonists by the moniker "Slick," which he uses alternately to pretend he is their friend or to belittle them, as the situation sees fit. Devin Weston Holdings is a holding company owned by Weston, with his employees being Senior Vice President Molly Schultz, Chief Investment Officer Ray Navaro and Head of Research being George Rucker. Although Haines was the antagonist that drove the main plot of the game after using the game's prior, Weston later emerges as the true main villain of the game because he became the primary threat to all three protagonists (with Haines becoming Michael's antagonist, Stretch becoming Franklin's counterpart and Cheng becoming Trevor's problem) and is the primary shareholder of Merryweather Security Consulting (the main antagonist faction and primary enemies of the game).
Also, not only did he have bigger plans than Agent Haines does, but he also has the ability to end Haines' career. And while Haines considers Weston as a friend and proves to show respect for him when doing him a favor against the IAA and comforting him when Merryweather is disbanded (the last part becomes a reality only if Trevor gets killed in the end), Weston has shown to not care for Haines and even manipulated the FIB into forcing him to go no further with his last task (the last part will only happen if Michael gets killed in the end).
At first it will be hard to spot the treasure box, but, it becomes brighter as you approach it. Some of the shops have two cash counters, and you’ll have to shoot or destroy (with baseball bat) them, in order to get the money.
If you exit a shop, and wait a few seconds, you will hear crash sound again, and you’ll be able to collect money bags again. The most profitable Random Events are Security Van Heists, Altruist Cult Shootout, Chase Thieves, Countryside Robbery, Deal Gone Wrong, Drug Shootout. When you exit the car, wait until policemen kill one of gang members, then steal his briefcase with $5000. Also, you’ll get some side missions to complete, which grant you additional cash from $800 to $250000. This video is up for Rockstar Games to patch, and the video will be removed once it has been patched. Weston also decides not to pay Franklin and Trevor for the cars they stole for him, despite the personal risk each of them made to acquire them for him. Weston dismisses Franklin's misgivings about the job, as well as Haines' previous orders for Franklin to kill Trevor Philips. After leading both groups into an abandoned smelting factory, a massive shootout erupts between all parties involved, leaving only the Michael, Trevor and Franklin's friend Lamar Davis standing.
He enjoys constantly reminding the protagonists that he is far wealthier than they and that his affluence allows him to do as he pleases. It is to the point that it does not even occur to him that anyone would actually stand up to him and when they do, he responds with temper tantrums.
However, it is implied by the "Deathwish" ending, that Weston does not have as many connections as he thought, since none of the protagonists ever face repercussions for their role in his death, the police and FIB simply label him as disappeared when his body does not turn up and do not carry out any further investigations and his closest ally, Don Percival, is glad to see him gone so he can buy out his shares on Merryweather at a lower price. Even Molly Schultz, who is the only person in the entire game who genuinely likes Weston, is treated with disdain by him and her death in the mission "Legal Trouble" makes him really angry.

The second gangster will turn on you, and after shooting him down, take his briefcase with another $5000.
This can be especially lucrative if you take them way out of their way before you drop them off.
I have not even checked how much I have but I think its around 100-1000 million or more I don't even remember. He is later introduced to a team of three highly skilled criminals consisting of expert thief Michael De Santa, ambitious gangster Franklin Clinton, and the violent and unstable redneck drug lord Trevor Philips. These events create a large enmity between Weston and the three protagonists making him one of their most dangerous enemies along with Agent Haines. Weston explains that Michael is too much of a threat to his businesses around the city and proceeds to threaten Franklin's life if he does not comply with his wishes.
The trio then set out and almost simultaneously dispatch their rivals (Steve Haines, Wei Cheng, and Harold "Stretch" Joseph), ending with Weston after he his located at his home by Trevor, with the help of Lester.
After the deed is done, Franklin will call Weston and inform him of this, asking him to ensure that Steve Haines will not come after him for refusing to kill Trevor. All the protagonists at some point or another agree that Weston can best be described as a "douche bag," overbearing, prone to showing off and with the irritating habit of pretending that he is their friend, despite his absolute scorn for them. This can be seem in the Deathwish ending when he tries to bribe Trevor into freeing him, by using his money and connections, but fails.
After collecting the money, just switch the characters for a few seconds, and the treasure box will respawn.
He uses the three to steal several high end and rare cars around the city of Los Santos as well as using their skills to improve his other business ventures in the city.
Franklin is then left to choose between murdering Michael, Trevor, or risking all their lives to go up against Weston and Haines. Trevor proceeds to kill all Weston's personal guards and kidnaps the villainous tycoon by throwing him into the trunk of his own car and driving him to a secluded spot where Franklin and Michael meet him. Weston informs Franklin that he has already contacted Haines' superiors and ensured that he would back down.
The three men then push the car, with Weston still in the trunk, over a cliff where it violently crashes into the shore below and kills the evil billionaire. If you set a mark on the map where you want to go and switch the characters, while you are playing one character, the other one will drive to your marked location. He's got you involved with the Federal government, and he's messed up several business ventures of mine. Try and be really stupid and save those two idiot mentors of yours and have everybody in the Goddamn state crawling up your ass.

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