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Parti de l’Olympique de Marseille ou il etait arrive en 2014 pour rejoindre les Blues de Chelsea, Michy Batshuayi va voir son salaire flamber. Bengaluru, July 30: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah's son Rakesh (38) succumbed to multiple organ failure in Belgium.
If you will check the list of recreational games, the beach volleyball will be in the list as it comes under one of the most preferred recreational game . Beach Volleyball was probably first played in Hawaii in the year 1915, when the Outrigger Beach and Canoe Club set up a court on Waikiki Beach. As the popularity of Beach Volleyball continued to grow, sponsors came forward to take advantage of this amazing gameĀ  .By 1970s a full-fledged pro beach volleyball tour was organized. In the year 1999 , open events were organized for men and women with a total prize money of US$3.66 million. International Olympic Committee included the Beach Volleyball in the 1996 games in Atlanta.

The court used for Beach volleyball is a little smaller than an indoor court .The dimensions for beach volleyball court are 16 x 8 meters , divided into two equal halves by a volley net. In beach volleyball there is no center line .Just 2 sidelines and 2 end lines define the volleyball court. Dimensions of the ball are similar to that used for indoor volleyball .It is made of leather with a bladder inside with circumference of between 65 cm and 67 cm . The major difference between indoor volleyball and beach volleyball is that in beach volleyball ,players do not have fixed positions and they can play from any position. Shots may be blocked before they cross the net as long as the blocker does not touch the net. Because weather affects play, teams swap ends every 7 points during the first 2 sets and every 5 points during the 3rd set.
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He was admitted to the Antwerp University Hospital.As soon the news of Rakesh falling ill was learnt by the family, CM's wife with a doctor rushed to Belgium.
Beach Volleyball is little bit different from indoor volleyball .have a look at the major differences between these 2 types of volleyball . Not only professional players enjoy it .Many used to play beach volleyball with their friends and family members .
Rakesh had visited Belgium to attend a music festival, said a source close Siddaramaiah to OneIndia.Rakesh was being treated at Antwerp University Hospital. However, it is said that Rakesh did not respond to the treatment and suffered from multiple organ failure.

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