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We added some trim to the top as well as all around the bottom to add some charm and to make the piece not look so straight-lined and fit more with our livingroom decor. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running.
Also – we added a sort of siloh to the side of the cage now with wood and filled it with hay (drilling several holes in the panels on the side so they can just pull the hay in as they want to eat it). The cage is very nice but I hope your bunny is not in there all the time as it looks MUCH too small and low for this purpose. We originally wanted a table at the end of our kitchen that could be easily moved out of the way. Something else I like about this island is that I can move it to the end of the kitchen to make a buffet when we have guests, so I show it in that position too. When it comes to protecting your computer against hackers and viruses, there’s no such thing as too safe. You literally have to build a digital fortress around your computer to protect it from threats that plague the Internet today. This one is a no brainer, but would you believe that that one out of six users don’t have any antivirus protection installed on their computers. However, if you don’t have the budget, there many free antivirus software available online. The Internet is loaded with tons of spammers and many of them send you fraudulent emails that lure you to open attachments. The rule of thumb is to never download email attachments if the email came from an anonymous sender. Aside from password protecting your PC, you can also password protect important files and information for tighter security.

Even though you’re not browsing, your computer still receives information from the Internet, which means that malwares can still infect your PC. While prevention is better than cure, it also pays to know the red flags if your computer has been infected by viruses or has been accessed by hackers. 1366x768 hacking wallpaper, 1366x768 hacking wallpaper, hackers wallpaper, wallpaper 1280x1024 hacker, wallpaper technology. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". Poo is not the problem, it’s the pee- it looks like just wood flooring, so pee will just soak right in and stink up the place pretty fast.
My bunnies love chewing on various wood things, like the ramp to their second story, so I had to make it out of bunny-approved wood.
I need a table for sewing (sturdy for my machine, large enough top for fabric etc., storage) that will be adjustable to my space and high enough for a tall person when standing to cut fabric. Many people make the mistake of not safeguarding their computer enough, thinking that the horror stories about malware infestation and hacking only happen to the unlucky ones.
If you’re clueless how to do this or if you want to strengthen your PC’s protection, here are five, easily implementable tips for you. That being said, keep in mind that not all antivirus programs are created equal – there are those that offer superior protection and there are those that offer the bare minimum. Once you do, malware infestation begins, opening up a portal to corrupt your PC and steal your information. However, spammers and hackers are now cleverer and they can disguise themselves by pretending to be one of your contacts. Email providers do offer in-email scanning, but you should supplement this with the antivirus programs that you installed or using a free cloud antivirus that you subscribed to. Many people fail to password protect their PC, reasoning that no one touches their computers but them.

He has been associated with the software industry for the past 4 years and aims to open his own IT company some day. We luckily got a new (larger and more oval shaped) wood kitchen table from my partner’s sister for 25 Euros (super cheap and beautiful natural wood) so naturally we were thrilled to have the opportunity to turn our Bjusta bar table into a much needed Bunny house for our two best friends. Until of course their PCs start to malfunction and valuable files and information are stolen from them. If you have the money to spend on premium antivirus programs, there are tons of great options in the market.
Unlike traditional programs, free cloud antivirus works while you’re connected to the Internet, so you need not install bulky software that consumes a lot of disk space. In an age where people store every piece of personal information on their hard drive, password protecting your PC is non-negotiable.
If you find this a bit of a hassle, you can checkout antivirus programs or a free cloud antivirus that offer continuous protection, even while your computer is idly connected to the Web. We leave the hutch open for them when they are out hopping about the house and in a year they’ve never peed or pooped anywhere else! But we like the way it worked as an island, and we still needed it to be a table, so we added the legs to the table top and made it a sliding top by nailing quarter-round to the underside to make a guide that allows it to slide out to whatever length we like. Also, virus and malware definitions are always updated so you’re assured that your PC and files and protected against the latest threats circulating online. You can never tell when a hacker would break into your PC and steal your information for fraudulent activities.
Since we are currently doing renos, there is no shortage of nice assortments of wood for them to dig their teeth and claws into.

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