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When I am hired to speak to a company or association, I typically talk ahead of time to six to eight people who will be in the audience to get a better sense of the group.  I ask them a series of questions about creative selling, teamwork, negotiations, how they get close to their customers and so on.  Then I surprise them and ask what they do to get better at their jobs? Over the years some of the typical answers I’ve received include:  going back to school to learn new skills or get another degree, joining trade organizations and attending events, networking, listening to speakers, reading everything they can get their hands on, being more available, working harder and smarter, improving people skills and many more. These are all great ideas, but I’d like to add to the list and share some of my ideas on what you can do to get better at your job. Today’s career advice describes a strategy to continue light contact to remain front of mind for future opportunities with the same company that just passed you over. At this point, you’re probably disappointed, because you really wanted that job and felt you were a great fit.
The company that just passed you over obviously thought you met the job qualifications, or you wouldn’t have gotten the interview and you certainly wouldn’t have been asked back for round two or more. There are many reasons that the company that just passed you over could go back to the marketplace looking for someone with similar skills. The person hired didn’t work out: Recent studies show that 30-60% of company hires are considered mis-hires.
As a prior finalist, staying in touch likely places you as a lead candidate for the replacement position, especially if you’ve continued to build trust with the hiring manager. The person hired moved to another position within the target company: Companies with open positions typically look first to internal hires.

The target company is expanding the number of positions they are hiring: Occasionally initial hires are done to test a new business strategy. Few candidates devote the time to continued follow up with companies that have rejected them, missing out on some opportunities with pretty good odds of hire. Stalking: Unfortunately, this is how most candidates try to stay in touch with hiring managers. Demonstrating Value: Continue to research the target company and it’s industry, both through inside contact conversations and publicly available information. Even if the hiring manager doesn’t call you back the first time, it’s highly likely that they will after the second or third time – just to satisfy their curiosity about your information. In this way, you’ve got a reason to call, you make it worth the hiring manager’s time to talk to you, you’ve paid it forward, and you’ve built trust with every call. Phil shows you why your current job search strategies work against you and how to replace them with strategies that improve your odds. Join our mailing list for newsletters, announcements of complimentary upcoming webinars and other job search resources. 10 Reasons You Didn’t Get The Job – Page 2 Also, you’ll notice that ageism isn’t on the list.
Pay close attention to what you LOVE about your job today, find ways to increase that part.

Following your inner desires has absolutely nothing to do with what other people think or tell you to do! Are you telling yourself that it’s only Artists and Bohemians who can follow their hearts? Our top ten lists are second to none and these lists have caused a quite stir amongst our readers.
While hiring companies keep some of these bout mis-hires, a sizable percentage don’t work out, either quitting or being terminated. Every time you leave a message or email for the hiring manager (about once a month), don’t just say you’re staying in touch. Phil provides you with research - cold, hard statistics provided by job boards and hiring managers themselves, to show you what works for you and against you in the worst job market in our lifetimes.

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