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Yes, you can, but this is not the case all the time; it can be different for some cases and cities. For you to get your bail money or property bond back, all you have to do is wait for the bail refund to be mailed to your address within 30 working days after the disposition of the case or after the order of exoneration. Now, if the case ended in a conviction for the defendant, you will not be getting a full refund of the amount posted for bail because three percent of the amount will be taken by the government.
Also, if the defendant fails to honor the conditions of the bail and does not come to court as required, the bail he posted will be “forfeited” or absorbed by the city. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
My friend found a bondsmanthat had a get-out-of-jail-freecard (except it wasn’t really free)and he was able to get me out af-ter a few hours. The minute I was out, I really contemplated skipping bail but then it hit me: Dog the boun- ty hunter would probably track me down and bring me in any- way.
If your bail is $5000, paying a bondsmen $500 sure beats try-ing to come up with the $5k when you don’t have the cash.
So, what’s to stop you fromfleeing after paying 10% ofyour bail if you know youaren’t getting it back? Your respect in regards to the energy of money will play a role in how much you make and more importantly, how much you keep in your life. Recently a guy bought one of my programs and according to our system records, accessed each weekly training and then proceeded to contact his credit card merchant and start the process of a chargeback. Now you know the energy of money, treat this knowledge accordingly and you WILL make different choices that will bring more riches and abundance to you.
Great story Ray, That’s nuts that that person accessed every training video then never even asked for a refund but went for the chargeback. Living in one of the wealthiest communities in the United States has allowed me the unique opportunity to learn from and experience first hand the truth about being wealthy.
We do this by using the right affirmations, those that define us as the person we want to be, the one who is and has abundance in every area of their life.
Money is a means to an end, and makes life easier, it DEFINATELY makes you more of who you are, and I believe it only accentuates the other areas of your life. My understanding of that verse is simply saying, everything we purchase will require money, the thing is,, appreciate, use money.
Ray, I have watched you for about the past year and you are an inspiration to marketers all over and I look forward to what you have to share.
To BE a leader with a servant’s heart is the best way to attract quality people into our lives. The amount of money set by the court is certainly no joke, especially for the mere commitment (which most right-thinking people definitely would want to uphold) of appearing in all the scheduled court meetings. Typically, though, cash bail is returned at the conclusion of the case when the defendant has appeared as scheduled in court as specified by the judge. The City Finance Department usually issues the check and mails it within two weeks after the court’s order, so all in all, before you actually get your hands on the refund claim, you’re likely to wait another 20 to 30 business days.

If the defendant hired a bail bondsman, though, the bail bondsman can apply for a “remission of forfeiture” for the bail to be returned to him. Understanding the energy of money will drive more business, customers and cash into your life.
The second problem with this thinking, which, has been brought about by environments, media, movies, hollywood, etc is that money or the pursuit of making money is evil and to be looked down upon.
Obviously he liked the training or he would not have continued to open the trainings each and every week.
There is nothing wrong with it, in fact, it is your birthright, you are meant to live an abundant life and I hope this rant of mine helps you! I can say that wealthy people are the most friendly, caring, giving and generous people on earth. We should be educating our children as well as actively modeling this higher awareness way of being.
True, if one thinks negatively about a subject-money, success, relationships attracting it becomes quite impossible.
This attitude can only create respect towards the role that every area-money, health, family etc- has in the bigger picture. Once the case has wrapped up, the judge releases an order for the return of the bail or refund.
If the refund doesn’t get mailed within that time period, you can go ahead and contact the city’s Department of Finance. This, however, must be done within one year from the date that the court ordered the bail forfeited. Unless maybe you master-minded the construction of thejail and have the blue-prints tattooed all over your body.
It might be knowing that if you run, not only will the bounty hunter be after you but also the police. This is one of those subconscious, ego-driven, safety hatches that is one, pure bullshit and two, PREVENTING massive money from coming to your experience.
IF you believe that moneymaking is evil, congrats, you will get your wish and never gain or have much of it.
When contacted by the credit card company, we easily showed our records how he had been opening the trainings, and for how many minutes he watched each video and they didn’t allow the chargeback and will probably affect his standing with that company for making a false claim.
Do you know why someone who constantly gets refunds or issues unethical chargebacks is unable to create a profitable business? Don’t look for how much you can squeeze out of people but look to see how best you can compensate people with your time or money and THAT is how you shall be treated.
Wealthy people are wealthy because they have created businesses and services that have helped more people then the masses. I wrote a few lines about the law of attraction and thus attracted someone interested in it. Personally, I invested $60,000 on one program, which resulted in $700,000 haul, just one year later back in 2009.

In the online world, we do need a system to make the communication and marketing journey easier.
The City Department of Finance then issues a check to the person who deposited the bail, be it the defendant or the bail bondsman.
But ifyou did do the crime, there’s a good chance some of that money isgoing into court fees & attorneys.
Feel free to point your judgmental finger at all those with money…course, while they enjoy their life traveling the world with their loved ones. To consider that having or making money is bad SHOULD feel like considering your right foot is bad.
Others that understand the energy of money are not affected by your negativity toward money, it only affects YOU. I am NOT suggesting to never get a refund if it is justified nor am I saying to spend money willy nilly.
Your actions are seen by others and they are either attracted or repelled by those actions. It’s basically the same procedure if a property bond was used instead of a cash bail; the Court will exonerate the bond, and this simply means that it will release any claim to the property used as bond.
It would actually be better for you longterm to chop off your right foot than to go through life with some baloney belief that money is evil. If you want to attract people of abundance and wealth, then behave like they are your only audience. When you post bail (or someone does for you) they willtypically hire a bail bondsmen to fork over the dough. Money simply makes you more of who you are and IF you are providing value, you SHOULD make and have money. IF you want to be able to sell information training products, be willing to invest in the information training products of others.
To do this,the bondsman will usually want around 10% of the total bail costfrom you (or whomever hires them). IF you want to sell high end coaching, be the person willing to spend money on high end coaching.
One area of my business that will open up in 2013 is my high end mastermind programs and mentoring.
On a personal level, I just invested $34,000 hiring a high end personal mentor that will help me structure and put together the best mastermind programs in this industry. The last coach I hired was $7,000 to help me with the creation of intellectual property and that probably helped me make over $90,000 from his coaching. I suspect this new investment will help me not only make an additional several hundred thousand dollars but also serve at a much higher level to those who want to reach the next level.

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