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Jens Bergensten, one of the Minecraft developers, has just released some information on a brand new Adventure Mode block which will aid the construction of adventure maps. Some games, as noted in the review, are provided to us by the publishers for review purposes.
All intellectual property, trademarks and copyrights contained in any articles or content (including but not limited to text, pictures, screenshots etc.) on the site are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. A big hello to all you OHKOers out there, this is Pikkdogs here with my extra dimensionary sidekick, Pedro.  I decided that since we are not going to get information about the new set until next week, why don’t I do another article for beginners? Just so you know Pedro, I do admit that I had a terrible Cities season, but I came to a decision that it is because I am cursed. So, instead of wasting time play testing, I instead am going to do the scientific  thing and try to break the curse.  I already know a couple ways to break a curse, but if any of our readers know something, I would appreciate it.
Well, in the world of entertainment, we are in the middle of award season.  The Golden Globes were last weekend, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards are coming up in about 2 weeks.  Did you watch the Golden Globes Pikkdogs?
A little, I had to stop in and see my girl Stacey Keibler.  Always a good watch, those legs are national treasures.

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When Minecraft makers Mojang announced that it would be making a new game based on a new IP, all eyes were on it. Scrolls is touted to combine the best of both worlds of card collecting and trading games as well as board games.
For our readers who already know a lot about these things, just hang back and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box, or you can go back to looking up Youtube videos of cute cats, like this one. Twins could also be a cool card in this deck, since this deck will probably be a little slower in setting up. Almost all of those eyes probably rolled when it was revealed to be a card game, which meant somewhat competing with Magic: The Gathering and the more recent Hearthstone from Blizzard. You collect scrolls, the in-game name for cards of varying creatures, spells, and structures.
The game is also available on PCs and Macs, for a price tag of $5, and players can battle with others no matter which platform they're using.

Pushing through adversity, doubt, and a trademark lawsuit from Bethesda (owners of the Elder Scrolls line), Mojang finally releases Scrolls on PCs, Macs, and yes, Android as well. But instead of playing them in a rather boring card game, they actual do battle on a board with hexagonal tiles. Professed critics of pay to win schemes, Mojang implements a limit on how much you can pay with real world money in order to balance the game. Sadly, the game is available for Android tablets only, so smartphone users are left out, with no word on future availability. Suffice it say, whether playing solo or against others, the game requires an Internet connection.

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