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If you activate his special ability when driving as Franklin you can hit the brakes and come to a dead stop. Best way to get into the military base is to get a fast car and come in through the gate that’s just off the main highway on the west side of the map.
If you get enough points with strippers u can go with them home, bang them and get their number. If you want to get the most you can for the first heist, take the best gun man available, even when he says the gunman is not important.
Sasquatch – You can find Sasquatch in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness using a thermal scope. Free Gun upgrades – While a mission is active, go to the gun shop, and buy all of the upgrades for every available weapon and some grenade. If you set a mark on the map where you want to go and switch to (for instance) Franklin from Michael. It does seem that purchasing the hanger is actually what allows you to enter the airport without being wanted. You can steal a mountain bike down by the bottom cable car and then take it on the cable car up to the top! If you’re going to just go on an adventure (outside the missions) try turning off the HUD and radar. Not sure if it’s been posted yet, but you can buy Los Santos Customs for $349,000 and at that customs, all future mods to your car are free. Okay, so a couple times during side missions, I’d get to an objective, only to have nothing happen. Free roaming as Franklin after the Chop mission, I decided to check out Michael’s crib. There is a jogging park just north of Paleto Bay (north west of map) go there and two red dots will show up on your map. Hold down the X (PS3) or the A (Xbox 360) if you need to buy a large amount of shares on the stock market. If you go onto your Rockstar social club account, go onto games to view your GTA V progress. When doing the assassination missions for lester use all your money to buy into the stock that he tells you is about to go up. Do the Lester assassinations AFTER finishing the main story line, the more $ you invest during Lester missions the better. If you are sneaking, (with a high enough stealth skill) you can steal cars silently without busting the windows or setting off the alarms. Stock Tips: Ammu-nation should rise around October 1st to correlate with online multiplayer. Its blocked but if you have a damaged car, you can switch characters, wait a few moments, then switch back to see the car fully repaired. When driving the sub I found that keeping it straight and at the depth I wanted was easy when I held R2 and Square the entire time.
To quickly turn your car around, hold reverse and a direction until you’re about half way through the turn, then hold the handbrake and quickly switch your thumb stick to the opposite direction, then drive off like a boss. Pressing DOWN on the D-Pad whilst driving, displays vehicle mange and type, and current location in bottom right of HUD.
Wait until it’s nighttime, break into the airport (the fences are weak), then steal one of the 747s or the Learjets. When driving around at night, flick the D-pad to the right to activate your high beams and improve visibility. When your in the game, put in this url in the game browser which will give a map that shows all locations for stunt jumps, fly unders and base jumps. Weapons, Aiming, and Shooting Tips: In the settings menu, under controls change the aiming to free aim. Weapons, Aiming, and Shooting Tips: In the settings menu, under display, change weapon target to complex.
Hair styles and cuts tips: Sign up for the Social Club and you get 3 unique hairstyles of all three GTA V characters. How to equip a jerry can: In your inventory, look for sticky bombs or grenades using the d-pad.
How to drift in GTA 5: Approaching the turn have L2 slightly down, then turn, tap x and push R2 again. Hold B or Circle while being chased by the police, this will show the chase from the cops bumper cam.
So most of us know that you can make a frontflip when you stand on an object, move and press square and then circle ( X and B on xbox, i think) Now for the backflip: get ontop of a train, run towards the back of the train and then press square and circle.

You can’t use a parachute with the skyfall cheat, but if you land vertical face first most times you will survive.
While driving emergency vechile press horn to activate the emergency lights and NPC’s will exile. All the GTAV players have limited lung capacity so dont dive too deep because u get wasted! Most gas station have (a) a gerry can and (b) a large gas tank (usually to the side of the office or near trailers) that can be set on fire!
EARLY money tip – you can pinch a taxi (hold triangle), then hit L3 to do jobs dropping people off. If you go to the second hunting mission (strangers and freaks mission) as Trevor you can leave the area and it will not say go back go to the air force base and their will be no stars on you u can take what ever you want ????
Most people probably know this already, but with the exception of the hotel assassination, which is necessary to progress the story, all of the other assassination missions can be done after completing the storyline missions. Even with the best possible team, the 3 main characters will still clear ?32m each for the “big one”, thus the potential stock market rewards from the assassinations can be in the billions! This server was designed to give people an experience that they do not normally see in minecraft, GTA!
If your garage is full with four cars, it’ll ask you to remove a car before you can put a new one in its place. To open the back without explosives , just shoot the middle beam between the two back doors.
Drive to the hangars and take the one there since you’ll probably get killed if you try to get the ones in the open.
Just make sure you leave the car back in the garage of the house or driveway when you are finished with it. Once you have obtained all of the upgrades, leave the gun shop, and use one of the grenades to kill yourself. I’m sire you all knew this, BUT if you change characters, they will put on their default cloths, but not take off any equipment! Gotta be careful though, cause the towed car can explode if you hit something with it too hard though. Seemed to work better on a motorcycle as the hand actually moved around and followed your camera movements. What happens is some guy in a truck is about to retire, and a giant thing of metal pipes fall on his truck. I parked in the drive and was walking toward the house when a dude in jungle panties fell out of the sky–WTF, this looks familiar, and then the camera panned up to Michael and his wife arguing on the balcony. Kill the two guys and save the girl there trying to bury alive take her to her friend and her father will give you 60k. You can get flight to 100 without even completing the school, and the school is very good for learning flight. These seem to be pretty riskless longterm investments and I have made a nice return since launch. First go to where the farther northern auto shop is and go down the road a little ways, and then off the road to the left and onto the grass before the beach area.
Again something that can be practiced because if you know round about where your reticule will be from cover without seeing the reticule, you’ll be able to accurately hit people from blind fire without exposing yourself at all. These are mini missions which can provide some extra income or tips which will help you in the game later. I’m not 100% sure of this, but driving around with your beams on may piss off other drivers and cause them to yell at you.
The special ability means that time will slow down while driving and you can make hairpin turns. In other words, if you meet somebody about a mission as Michael, next time go there as Trevor or Franklin. Just go back to the tattoo parlor, highlight the tattoo you want removed and press A (Xbox 360) or X (PS3).
In the settings menu under motion sensor function you can enable reload to be accessed through sixaxis control. This changes the aiming reticle to a crosshair for rifles and places a circle around the pistols dot to help it not get lost on screen. Complete the game and all the heists outfits including underwear and shirtless options will be available. As the dude starts talking smack back, while standing still, pull your trigger finger as the guy is still talking and you will bitch slap him. Walk in the store, walk out but stop in the doorway so you are holding the door open (door has to be opened out toward the street, not in toward the store), pull out a gun and point it at the cashier, continue to hold left trigger and walk back into the store.

It’s a lot of fun to jump on people and you can jump over standing people if you gain enough speed.
With the help of Redditor Highpixels, we've compiled a list of cheats and codes for use in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PlayStation 3.
This list of GTA V tips and tricks will be updated with the newest additions at the bottom of the list.
Problem is, when you load into the garage and and take your car out, the new car you wanted to replace in that spot will be gone. Having some sticky bombs ready and as soon as the truck leaves the parking lot, block the truck with your car and quickly sticky the back door then blow it open.
As you’re speeding at the gate BEFORE you blow through it and get 4 stars activate his special ability to slow down time. If you switch vehicles while the wanted stars are flashing, you can tell if the police are on to you if your player arrow on the minimap is white or grey. Having your abilities honed prior to some important jobs will give you a significant advantage in the smoothness of play.
You can get stock market tips and even get people that can join you in heists later in the game. As Kotaku points out, some of the side quest characters only give out one mission per lead character. If you get in a police chase, just go pick up the truck, drive to the dock, unhook the boat, and sail off into the sunset.
Found this out when I was trying to put a cow on the truck, the cow was trapped under the truck and when i went to lift it the cow and the back of the truck lifted. Get yourself up to 4 stars (To attract helicopters so you don’t accidentally shake the cops if you go through a tunnel) and go crazy.
Donations are set up to make the experience better which could get you kits, and money to buy better guns, houses, and more!
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When the mission restarts, you will have all of your money back from the purchases in the gun shop.
Begin to walk out of the store, but stop halfway out the door so that you are holding it open with it swinging out of the store. After he hands you the bag of money (400$ usually) shoot at the 2nd casheir (like the actual box where the cash goes) and you will get 400$ more. Before you do a difficult mission or plan to go on a rampage or anything else super dangerous, visit the stock market on your phone and invest everything you have into a stable stock.Do your thing. I just watched a cartoon of a chick resting her huge boobs on a guy’s shoulder, saying she wanted him to thrust inside of her. Even more fun is to hold the controller like a pistol and kind of smack it against your hand like you’re reloading a magazine.
As long as you dodge cars, the cops will have a hard time dodging the on coming traffic and you can escape. After you do all of this, keep the bulldozer and go and tip cars, buses, police cars, commercial trucks, and whatever else. When you get better at combat, and can roughly estimate where your cross hair will end up without needing to see it, auto aim will engage on the target your cross hair is over. Once you get out of the car all hell will break loose, but you’ll at least have time to get going. This will allow you to be selective about targets without exposing yourself to change targets. Point it at the shopkeeper, and it should let you walk into the store with your weapon drawn. These mechanics were introduced in GTA IV and were also less refined, so they took a bit of practice to master.
A tip would be to either practice these mechanics in GTA V, or if you’re not wanting to affect your stats, practice in GTA IV. Shoot the registers and they will pop open (the amount of shots needed depends on the firepower of your selected weapon) and a money bag will appear.
If you can master the gunplay in GTA IV, there isn’t much of a change between IV and V in terms of basic mechanics so the same techniques would apply.

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