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There has been a lot of progress in our ecosystem and this year is going to be very exciting. The idea is good, but this statement is not true " Most of those scams come from Nigeria", whoever writes that doesn't know anything about online scams in Nigeria.
If you want to email Nigerian online scammers (yahoo boys they are called), you need to get on ebay, ali baba and other shopping sites. I had an interesting conversation with Igarashi-san, who I met in a friend's party recently. Virtual insanity: Pokemon Go challenges smart phone users to explore their area and catch Pokemon - digital monsters like the one seen on this phoneBut Jefferies analyst Atul Goyal says that's just the beginning. I wrote that a long time ago and since then I have been working behind the scenes to see how to make the idea fly.

I hope you put down your name in the form ;) so we can give you a shout out when we are good to go. He works in an NPO called Teach for Japan, which like its American sister (Teach for America) has a mission to ensure Japanese kids growing up in poverty get an excellent education by recruiting, training, and supporting young leaders to become brilliant teachers, who can then go out and inspire the children who need them the most. I have worked with some people involved in curbing online scams in Nigeria(sorry don't ask me to name the organization) and if you get a scam email of an African prince, the chance it is coming from Nigeria is low. No one has picked all 6 numbers (more to it later) since the Multi State lottery association changed the odds in October'15. First and Business class passengers, then families with young kids, old folks or disabilities, then finally all the economy class passengers.
Which feels like a regressive tax and not an optimal way to reallocate wealth in a society.

I, almost always in the last group, often get frustrated, trying to make my way to my assigned seat.
5 white balls are picked at random from a drum that holds 69 balls (numbered from 1 to 69), and 1 red ball is picked from a second drum with 26 balls (1-26). Let's talk about where the money goes.According to the poweball website, this multi-state lottery is a non-profit association, profits of which are used for state legislative projects.
In NY for instance, 60% of proceeds go to winners, and ~30% is used to fund state education programs.

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