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IF I CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE $500, $1000 OR MORE BEFORE NOON EVERYDAY, WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOUSE – HOW MUCH SHOULD I CHARGE YOU FOR MY HELP? When I realized that many people could use my System and quickly create home-based incomes of $1,000.00 or more PER DAY, I got excited about teaching people how to do that. AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER – TWO ADDED BENEFITS THAT MAKE THIS THE ONLY HOME-BASED BUSINESS WORTH HAVING! Do you ever feel like you’ve tried every business-building technique out there, only to continue experiencing the same mediocre results with your business? We’ve seen substantial growth in individuals working from home, with the number of telecommuters more than doubling over the past 10 years.
One recurring online theme is websites teaching you how to make money day trading, by buying and selling stocks from your home desk. You will find a wealth of literature on how to earn a living day trading in the financial markets. The traders that are making a killing in the market don’t have time to write e-books or give seminars. For instance, they can change the direction of the market by entering or exiting trades worth millions of dollars. In fact, brokers who enable you to connect to the financial markets will also charge you fees for each transaction you make or any real-time market data you subscribe to.
In fact, even if you make a small profit on the sale, this may not be enough for you to break even. A lot of people enter the market thinking they found a smart day trading pattern that no else ever thought about. You can use technical analysis, financial indicators, and macro economic reports to help you make a decision, but it still remains an uncertain event. Numerous studies have demonstrated that randomly picking stock would lead to the same result as carefully studying the market and investing in it.
A few years back, I set up an account to day trade options, which are derivatives products allowing more leverage than plain stocks. That can create a rollercoaster of emotions, that usually translates into a few sleepless nights, especially if you invest money you cannot afford to lose. Finally, even if you do manage to make money on the stock market, you will need to make a lot of money in order to replace a regular salary.
But if it comes to day trading, rather than the areas covered by the study, I agree with you that most people will lose money, because that’s what really happens. However the biggest disadvantage of day trading may be that it is a job even if you do make money at it. For most of us, if we want to retire well, the way to go is to avoid behaving like a poor person: poor people use savings accounts. It is true that day trading is a full-time job but most people have the feeling that it is just a hobby. With respect to savings account, I think it all depends on the interest rate you can get as well. I do appreciate all your inputs to my posts, it does really bring interesting and complementary information! Day trading is like gambling but if you do your homework and follow rules, (regardless how you feel) like cutting losses quickly then your odds are pretty good. When I talked to my friends who are interested in stock trading, they like to find the rock stars, the ones they heard from radios or TV that from $1 to $100, you can see the glee in their eyes.
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Now I’ve turned my business into a step-by-step SYSTEM that anybody of average intelligence can copy and use. These websites start with outlining the benefits of working from home and explaining how easy it is to make money from day trading. Remember that the internet is full of false information – Anyone can post anything online. They are professionals that trade for a bank, and are generally highly educated in mathematics, probability and financial engineering.
That is also one of the core ways in which they make profit – By being market makers. Assuming a profit of 10% per year, which is already quite high and hard to sustain over the long-term, even for seasoned hedge fund managers, you would need an investment capital in the hundreds of thousand dollars to make a living with day trading.
So the index put most money into bigger companies, while the monkeys tended to spread it around.
Market cap weighted indexes aren’t necessarily a good idea, even if they are quite popular at the moment. In practice most of us make many individual lump sums so our average performance ends up getting to that 99% and higher level more quickly and more consistently. And having to have a job to make money in retirement isn’t really what this blog is about.
The reason poor people do that is that they can’t afford to take the risk of losing money because they have almost no safety margin. Some even think they can come up with an algorithm that will trade automatically for them and bring in money with no effort. In real life, it is the boring stuff that makes money, and it is not fast money, it is a slow process, things are made slow and in pain. We are not millionaires, just regular people who are smart about saving money and creating passive income. I originally taught it only to a small group of people, in a little seminar I put together, where I charged them $995.00 to attend. You see, each person applies my System differently, to different products and different markets. She says that it’s bad enough that I do sit around the house in my underwear, why tell anybody about it?) I embarrass her. So what you need to do is strip away the fiction from the fact, and ask: How many people are really making money? Given that these individuals and corporations are still charging for their advice, do you think they are actually making large amounts of money day trading?
After all, if everyone is using the same technique, it would reduce their opportunities in the market to make money. This means that if you buy and immediately re-sell the stock, you will lose money even if its listed price has not moved. Banks are hiring the brightest minds and are targeting them at finding market inefficiencies so that they can exploit these to make money. Don’t let one lucky person who hits this streak brag about how they broke the system and convince you that is all too easy.
BUT the real secret is that the system sees individual day traders lose money, while allowing institutions and banks to make risk-free profits.
We are regular working people, trying to be smart about saving money and generating passive income. Then the study went on to show that approaches like equal weighted indexes beat that index by some 5% and beat the monkeys except for the chance outliers.
The biggest risk factor ends up being the state of the market at the time we want to take money out and that’s easy to protect against by diversifying and not having a single exit time.
That’s more about having your investments be at least moderately passive so you can enjoy the income, not have to continue to work at it. I do believe if you are not greedy and do enough homework, stick with things you know, i.e.
I want to share with you our journey so you too can achieve financial freedom and early retirement. I used these people as “guinea pigs,” to be sure others could follow my System and make money just like I have.
So I guess I could do more seminars and charge $995, maybe more to teach this – but the last thing I want to do is WORK! You can turn your back on me right now and ignore everything I’ve said – but why?

The only real way to fight back is to make so darned much money that what you have left AFTER their damage is still fantastic.
All the books make it sound so easy, the online brokerage fees are low, and with so many success stories in the media, it seems like just about anyone can do it. So, if you want to enter the game, remember that the people you are up against are experienced traders backed by big banks. And, while they are probably more rigorous than most in their strategy, you have to remember that there is also a lot of luck involved. I’d like to share with you my learning from this experience and explain to you why I quit although I was making money. It can be highly stressful to see the swing between profits to losses, where your stocks are earning you a couple of thousands and then losing you a couple of thousands in a matter of minutes. Thus, day trading in the financial markets is not as smooth and efficient as described in books.
Over the 6-month period I had paid over $1,000 to my broker in transaction fees – And that is despite the fact that I had one of the cheapest brokers in the market. I want to share with you how we reached that decision and how we are planning towards financial independence. I also know rich people who puts everything in savings account because they’d rather take a certain amount (large interest amount given they have large capital) rather than have to worry or think about alternative investments. Apple, IBM, Starbucks, Facebook, the things that you use daily yourself, because when it crashes, you will not panic, you can say, oooh, Starbucks will not go to zero, I just went there spend $5 for a cup of xyz which is like 40% profit margin and the line is super long, so you can hold on to it and maybe add more when it drop more. I had a little room left on my last good credit card, we borrowed some money from friends, and we went. One person, who helps out (Jill – you may talk to her later) keeps everything on track. The more likely scenario is that those people writing the books are failed traders who have realised that selling books is a much more efficient way to earn money! Individual traders always start from a losing position, while banks and brokers start from a position of power. And even if it was possible, everyone would be day trading in the same way and the system would collapse.
The same analysis-based strategy that had allowed me to make money a few weeks earlier just didn’t work anymore! Once I stop working, I can’t afford to have periods where my investments are locked because of bad market conditions. I do believe moms and pops has the edge over fund managers, they do not have to trade daily or show the profit chart each quarter, so if market keep going up, they don’t have to do anything while fund managers have to buy and sell in order to try to *beat* the index fund which is counter productive. Behavioural finance researchers have highlighted the reality that about 80% of day traders lose money, but are just in denial. While I was taking all the risk, he was just sitting back comfortably, earning money from me irrespective of whether I was winning or losing. And I managed to pile up $100,000.00 in debt on our credit cards, failing with my attempts at selling various things by mail. Over the next months, I went up and down, realising that on average, I would usually break even, winning and losing almost equally. At his Seminar, this remarkable guy sat down with us, told us we were 90% of the way there with our product and idea, he made a few suggestions, and sent us home. A whole lot of people get my information but never do anything with it, and I can’t help that. But there ARE people just like you, following my instructions, and creating very big incomes. I have absolutely no special education, training, experience or qualifications likely to make me a success in direct marketing or mail-order.
Or you can let me teach you a proven, truly practical way to jump up to such a huge income you can sit back and laugh at the politicians. The next year, I took in over ONE MILLION DOLLARS, and I kept about HALF AS PURE PROFIT, after all my expenses.

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