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When it comes to the holidays, sometimes a lovely handmade gift is much more memorable than a pricey department store find. Teach your little ones to craft with these gifts that parents, teachers and siblings are sure to love. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future posts delivered to your feed reader.
November 24, 2013Mmmh now HERE is a blast from the past and makes for a GREAT gift for kids to make for loved ones. I believe (!) that we did all of these these pictures throughout the year and that the teacher kept hold of them and helped us put it all together at Christmas time. Finally – we have some Christmas stars, cut and folded from special paper foil that is popular for crafting in Germany.
Yes, you still have plenty of time, but start sooner than later, so you can enjoy the process and not rush it! This week I thought I would round up a few of my favorite craft ideas that would make great Father’s Day gifts that little ones can help out with. I shared this family tree handprint art from Naptime Decorator with you back in my Handprint Art Projects For Kids post, but I thought I would share it again as it would make a fantastic Father’s Day gift. Thank you for the lovely compliment of being included in your gallery of Father’s Day gifts! Hello Creative Family is the go-to resource for parents looking to ignite their creative passion with simple, everyday and back-to-basics projects. Do a science experiment and decorate your tree – at the same time – with these crystal ornaments.
Remember your child’s first year by turning their baby shoes into an ornament.  Be sure to write the year on the sole. Transform a light bulb-like ornament into a tiny snow globe.  You will need glitter, glue and a tiny tree. Kid-made Idea:  Create ornaments for your tree from scraps of cardboard, aluminum foil and jewels. Cut paper towel tubing into rings to create these glittery stars.  Great for preschoolers or kids to make. Air Dry clay is the perfect medium to create one-of-a-kind ornaments.  Trace birds into clay using a coloring page to make these ornaments. Use Spraypaint to create mock-mercury glass ornaments.  Just paint over old toys to get a fun new look. Applesauce and cinnamon ornaments – these are a fun Christmas tradition at our house.  We make them every year!
Create a mini-snowglobe with a fun glass ornament and some white glitter and greenery bits. Did you cut down a tree this past fall?  Use a slice from one of the branches to make a snow man’s face.

Use alcohol ink (we make our own – recipe in the book) to dye ornaments into a gorgeous mottled look. Cover a small toy with glue, glitter and a top coat of clear nail polish to add some sparkle to your tree. Twist metallic pipecleaners into dangling icicles – add beads and you have a sparkly tree ornament.
I love it when my little girl makes me things, I make sure I hang it where she can see it and she can be proud in what she has achieved…. Many times, these are the toys the kids play with the most, and in some cases the kids have played an active role in helping to make them.
Shadow Puppet Theater — An instant favorite, and perfect for keeping the kiddos entertained during a power outage. Pretend Spy Kit — Made with items you may already have on-hand or are readily available at any dollar store. Sponge Blocks — This could not be any simpler, and it is the perfect activity for quiet time! Fairy House Kit — Put together some inexpensive craft supplies for a make-your-own fairy house kit.
Cardboard Cafe — Another fun way to put those cardboard boxes to use, this cardboard cafe was later recycled into a classroom, and then again into a pizza shop.
Pretend Donuts — There is no sewing involved for this pretend donuts, and the kids can help decorate them! Love the involvement and how they can use their other idea’s to tell a story or play.
It certainly was a blast from the past, but I think that a Kids’ Art Calendar is a wonderful Gift That Kids Can Make. I just love these animal topped mason jars that were featured in an interview about Caitlin Wilson and her home on Design Sponge. I think we both agree that daddies best love things made by the hands of their own children! We want to inspire people to live, love and teach the handmade, homemade and heart-made lifestyle so they can raise their children in a creative home. So I gathered up some of my favorite ornament keepsake crafts that you can make with your kids and cherish every year! Frozen Olaf Salt Dough Ornament – Try this fun Frozen ornament using your child’s footprint, just add a date and name on the back! Holiday Handprint Charms – These are so cute and easy to make, you can change them up for other holidays too! White Clay Dough Ornaments – These are so simple to make, just add a name and date on the back!

Cherished Childs Finerprint Ornament – You could do so many different shapes for this craft. This is a great way to encourage building on a large scale without taking up much room when you are done, since all of the pieces lay flat for easy storage. What I loved most about these pretend play s’mores is that they inspired the kids to create a pretend campfire, set up a tent, and they spent a long time pretending to roast marshmallows, tell stories, and sing campfire songs! Make sure you print off in a size that suits you – either A5 to fit across the bottom of an A4 sheet of paper, or A4 and to fit on A3 etc.
Clearly some cutting practice going on here as lots of red circles cut out to make the ladybirds. And as this calendar shows, is certainly something that will be treasured over the years to come! I remember making calendars at school too, but we used to make one page calendars with all the dates at the bottom. Time to start getting your little one’s working on their craft and DIY Father’s Day gifts! Have kids pick their favorite colors of wool roving and create a gift for Dad that is soap and a loofah in one! I think they would make any dad smile whenever he glanced at them while hanging out in his man space.
Pouring, stirring, measuring… all tasks that little ones can take on in the kitchen that will help them learn about food and cooking. I like the monthly one, we can get rid of, ahem, I mean use up 12 pictures from the kids pile!! This Nuts and Bolts recipe from Martha Stewart looks delicious and it also has the printables so you can print your own Nut’s and Bolts label! What I love about this calendar is a) that my mother still has it all these years later (over 30 years!
How cute would it be for the little ones to draw a picture for dad on a mug for him to start using for his daily coffee or tea?
I know that Bean would have so much fun making them for her daddy and would probably want a few for her own room. And though my early childhood memory is poor, clearly this stuck out as an activity I enjoyed making.

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