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To get the best possible experience using TeacherWeb® please upgrade your web browser to a newer version. Hailey Slade began her apprenticeship at Tattoo Magic in Weymouth back in 2003 while simultaneously working on her A-Levels at Weymouth College.
She enjoys creating new school and traditional designs equally, preferring to work on pin-ups or feminine floral tattoos.

After finishing up her apprenticeship she started her professional tattoo career at Urban Image Tattoo Studio in Bournemouth before finding her way back to Weymouth, where she currently designs at Osprey Tattoo.
But, as you can see in the gallery below, she’s talented at a wide variety of design topics and styles. If you check out her portfolio page, which you can find among the links below, you can see where she’s going to be and contact her directly in order to book an appointment.

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