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During the dream state we are very open psychically, to both positive and negative influences. The main cause of nightmares will either be that an individual is consciously or subconsciously in a negative state of mind during their waking experience, and is therefor ‘putting out’ the very low vibrational frequency which resonates with these negative non-physical beings and allows them to call themselves to service, or it may be an outright attack from negative forces in response to something positive that you are doing or plan to do. Just as with the positive interaction in dreams, nightmares can be used to present thoughts and feelings of hate and fear, which are then intended to remain with the person upon waking and influence the choices that they will make. As with all things, it is the individual’s choice to focus on negative thoughts, but these can also be intensified by higher density non-physical entities that are attracted to the vibration this energy emits. Rituals and sacrifices have been carried out for many years on Earth and when we look at ancient cultures we see that for many of them, ritual sacrifices to their ‘gods’ were a daily part of their lives.
Most people believe that these rituals died off with the ancient cultures that traditionally practiced them, but unfortunately this is not the case.
In recent years a number of insiders have come forward who claim to have been witnesses to similar ritual sacrifices being carried out in the modern world.
The real purpose of these sacrifices and rituals is to allow the group conducting the ritual to communicate with higher ‘density’ or non-physical negative entities. These ritual sacrifices are often carried out on “energy hotspots” around the world, to enable the summoned negative energy to be channelled back in to the grid of a planet, which then subtly affects every one of us. Anyone who has taken the time to study or research secret societies and the occult, will have noticed the obsessive use of symbolism within these organizations.
In order to understand why these symbols are really being used, it is important to appreciate the power of the human mind and the nature of this ‘reality’ that we are experiencing.
By creating a symbol and attaching a certain meaning, emotion or agenda to it, it is possible to draw a great deal of energy towards the deeper meaning of the symbol by getting others to focus on it.
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If you purchase Gain Weight Fast Program and do not satisfy within 60 days, send Jayna a message through the website. VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. Dreams are meaningful and reflect knowledge that is primarily available on a subconscious level.
Symbols are the language of dreams.Analyzing and interpreting dreams is a powerful psychic toolto learn about your deep secrets and hidden feelings. Look closely at the characters, animals, objects, places, emotions, and even color and numbers that are depicted in your dreams.
Through a meaningful and personalized interpretation,with my psychic guidance you will gain an understanding of the hidden secrets your dreams are trying to tell you. In the same way that the dream state can be used to present positive guidance or thoughts of inspiration, so too can it be used to present thoughts of fear or control. They then see the opportunity for service and will often present thoughts to the individual that not only keep them in a very negative low vibration (often referred to as a state of depression), but also to intensify these thoughts and emotions to the point that the individual considers harming themselves or another.
These cultures believed that by displaying acts of devotion or honouring their ‘gods’ with blood sacrifices, they would gain favour from them and be given aid in their endeavours. These rituals are not being carried out by ‘primitive’ tribes in the Amazon or Papa New Guinea, as you might expect, but are in fact being carried out by the elite bloodlines of the world, and for very sinister purposes.
These are on-going attempts to lower the vibration and keep the planet as a whole in a subconscious state of fear. Many people that are aware of the use of these symbols simply dismiss them as a display of arrogance by the elite, and believe that they are used as some form of ‘inside joke’, to subtly advertise their achievements.
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I empower my clients teaching them the technique of CREATIVE VISUALIZATION and AFFIRMATIONS to use the LAW OF ATTRACTION and manifest their dreams and their destiny.
In many of the ancient societies, including Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose message could be unravelled by those with psychic powers.Dream analysis psychics have been called upon for centuries to help kings, presidents, artists and others to find the answers to the meaning of their dreams. This would be seen as a successful achievement to the ones serving themselves because this is the ultimate control over another being. Often these sacrifices took the form of animals that were slaughtered on stone alters during the course of the rituals, but the ultimate sacrifice, is that of a young human virgin. By creating an emotional state of absolute terror in the victim of the sacrifice, those conducting the ritual are able to ‘summon’ these negative entities and communicate with them at some level.
The truth is that these symbols and logos that are being used and seen by billions of people across the globe have a far deeper purpose than simply a display of arrogance. In the same respect, a thought, emotion or meaning can be attached to a symbol and subconsciously passed on to an individual or group that is giving it their focus and energy. These high-level negative entities ‘feed’ off of this low vibrational fear based energy, and as such are drawn to these acts. Members of the British and European Royal families have all been reported at these rituals, as have many politicians and elite bankers.

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