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This private one on one session allows you to understand the relationship dynamics between you and your situation that is leading you to where you are today, shed light on why conflict happened, why certain behaviours take shape and give you great understanding on what is going on between and most importantly positive actions steps you can do to shift and change the outcome. Using a combination of clinical psychotherapy practise, studies on emotional health and wellbeing, studies of energy medicine and years of experience in relationship work, Jaime will assist you to find clarification and solutions to resolve and heal your issues at hand. Relationships are not limited to romantic ones, but also branches out into family disagreements, emotional or mental health issues, relationship with money and relationship to self.
You will be able to heal from past wounds and patterns blocking you from moving forward positively forward.
Sessions are by appointment only. Depending on the depth of your situation, more than one session may be necessary.
Radical Forgiveness is the name of a book by Colin Tipping and is a very effective way of shifting stuck emotions.
Thank you so much for sharing this ebook with the world!I had read the book once before, but after reading even only as far as the first chapter again today, i was reminded of the pure power of this work.I am going through some personal relationship work with a friend right now, and i shared this practice with her, and we were able to move through our situation immediately together. Our unique methods have helped many find immediate relief and clarity to move forward positively. You will be given direct action steps to do what is necessary to affect these changes so you can experience positive outcomes in your life. I truly believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason & that we are all teachers.

When relationships are not functional or unhealthy, it can cause great grief and distress when we are not equipped with the tools to handle them effectively.
Due to the success of Readical Forgiveness he now no longer offers cancer workshops, instead offering Radical Forgiveness workshops. Anytime I am struggling to like someone & I remember these healing techniques I become calmer, more open & compassionate. I am learning so much about myself who I thought I really knew but I realise now it is a life time journey & I will always need to grow & learn more about myself & others. Recovery, therefore, is based upon the empowerment of the survivors and the creation of new connections.
In rape culture, shaming survivors for their experiences is commonplace, both by the media and by communities.
The criminal justice system does not adequately serve survivors, and the most oppressed people in this country have little to no access to justice and resources. Coercive and controlling relationships set the standard for young people, passed from generation to generation. I now believe that lack of forgiveness contributes to, and may even be a principal cause of, most cancers. It adds up to a culture that does not believe that domestic and sexual violence will ever really end.

After their assault is over, survivors of rape and abuse are often re-traumatized by sex, by invasive or controlling friends and family, by victim blaming statements, or silencing actions from our culture at large.
If we were more trauma literate, communities, friends, family members and loved ones could avoid deepening and reinforcing trauma. We can learn about how PTSD works and remember that when people are sexually assaulted, their ability to control their own bodies is snatched away.
We can be witnesses, listening without judgment and without offering our opinions and advice.
To create a new model for community response to rape, we are gathering a crowd-sourced collection of thousands of stories from survivors of rape and abuse. We can only build healing relationships by listening and by having spaces where we are heard.

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