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Culturally, casual discussion and depictions of male genitalia are accepted, while those of women are not. Tokyo-based artist Rokudenashiko has made it her personal mission to remove the hypocritical stigma surrounding lady bits (mankos) by literally showing molds of her manko as many places as possible.
Rokudenashiko’s problems started when she raised manko to make a kayak shaped like her money. Signup for our free newsletter to get great building tips, industry secrets and awesome ideas for saving money! It’s common for new homes that are located in an area with city utilities to have a sewer cleanout in the yard. So before we get started, it’s important to fully understand what a sewer cleanout is and what it does. Curb – Sometimes plumbers will mark the location of the sewer cleanout on the street curb for future reference.
Metal Detector – Many builders and plumbers will place a piece of steel rebar next to the cleanout pipe in the ground so it can be located in the future with a metal detector. Subdivision Development Plans – The local building department may have a copy of the overall development plan for your community. If you are building a new home, be sure to have your engineer mark the location of the sewer service line and cleanout on your plot plan. I can tell you from experience from building over a thousand homes that you don’t want to place your sewer cleanout just anywhere in the yard. It’s also a good idea to make sure the cap on the pipe is flush with the final grade.
House Sewer Protection - How to protect your sewer cleanout while building your new dream home. Sewage System Grinder Pump – When is a grinder pump necessary for your basement bath and why?
Septic System Inspection – Everything a homeowner needs to know about inspecting their septic system. Water and Sewer Service and Underground Plumbing Installation - This is part of the series of articles on How to Build a Home.

Have you been watching the debut trailer for director Paul Feig's Ghostbusters on repeat since it first surfaced online? There's not much there in the way of plot revelations — which is a good thing — but a closer look reveals lots of details tucked away in each scene. Image: Sony PicturesThe original Ghostbusters' iconic base of operations is a creaky, old firehouse in downtown Manhattan.
The first crew of Ghostbusters rode around in an old-timey ambulance that Ray foolishly purchased for too much money. Image: Sony PicturesThe memorable opening scene of the original Ghostbusters took the then-unofficial spook hunters to the New York Public Library, where a phantom was haunting the stacks underground.
Image: Sony PicturesWe've seen the reboot's proton packs before in promo images, but the one pictured in the trailer really drives home the origin story nature of Feig's reboots.
The shoebox-shaped trap that the original Ghostbusters used is easily recognizable, with its yellow-and-black-striped opening and a trailer cord that leads to the activation foot pedal. We haven't caught a glimpse of those old traps in the reboot yet, but this clip from the trailer shows what appears to be a new trap, complete with a hinged jaw that closes like a bear trap. This Ghostbusters reboot seems like it'll have a wider range of ghost-busting toys than the originals did. Rick Moranis opted against coming back for a Ghostbusters reboot cameo, but his spirit lives on in the funky, wired-up helmet that McCarthy wears in the trailer.
Hopefully Moranis sees the reboot and gets nostalgic enough to return for a cameo in the seemingly inevitable reboot sequel. Image: SONY PICTURESThe lovable spook that so memorably slimed Venkman in the original film makes a return in this reboot. Annie Potts memorably played Ghostbusters receptionist Janine Melnitz in the original film. He also seems to suit up and break into a sealed crime scene at some point, as his only appearance in the trailer suggests.
Rokudenashiko is facing some fairly hefty charges, but our manko money is betting that she’ll be released fairly shortly.
We've picked out 10 moments to zero in on here, but let us know what else you spot in the comments below.

Do the new Ghostbusters eventually make Hook & Ladder 8 their home, just like their predecessors? In the original movie, Ray, Egon and Pete celebrate their first job when they spend petty cash — "the last of the petty cash" — on a magnificent Chinese feast. The new Ghostbusters ride around in an old-timey Cadillac hearse that Patty (Leslie Jones) borrowed from her uncle. For one, it looks like to be the first run-in Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon have with a specter. This looks like something McKinnon's character cobbled together out of spare parts she found in the garage. Is the long, multi-barrel apparatus sitting right next to the suspected new trap some sort of proton chain gun? It's similar to the one a Vinz Clortho-fied Tully wore in the original, though the older one is much more obviously a colander with wires attached to it. Feig's gender-bending reboot also gives the team's 2016 receptionist a Y chromosome, with Marvel hero Chris Hemsworth fielding calls.
Billboards for Taxi Driver, The Who's Tommy and Isle of the Snake People advertise movies released in 1976, 1975 and 1971, respectively.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. The police considered this a violation of Japan’s obscenity laws; ever wondered why Japanese porn involving gay midget cyborgs raping schoolgirls with octopus tentacles have all their private parts covered with a mosaic? And while the incident seems to play out in some kind of museum, there are similarities in the way Wiig's character — the reboot's Ray Stantz stand-in — and Ray approach the situation. The Tommy billboard could be for a Broadway production, but that show didn't come to Broadway until 1993. Let's hope Feig and his crew can keep it that way until Ghostbusters hits theaters on July 15.

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