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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) was introduced since 1997, when the famous game is still using the 2 dimensions, and have about 8 playable character. GTA III has a main character that is not going to talk throughout the game, he just put through a series of missions assigned to him.
Unlike other character, Niko Bellic's very loving relatives familii especially his cousin, Roman Bellic. Harvest moon is a game that tells a story of a boy who would become the successor of his grandfather who had died in a village.
Since the presence of GTA III, the game began to reap the controversy even more so because the main character in this game that seemed radical.

Exhibit 3 Dimensions, a replica of New York that can dijelahi, as well as a very interesting game system. CJ's obsession to have everything make him willing to do various things, including betray a friend of one gang, Grove Street Families. As detikINET experience when tasting this game, GTA IV requires a computer system that is high enough to play comfortably. His experience as a war veteran he could make a helicopter ride and handle various types of firearms. Because his passion is Niko did not hesitate to kill anyone who obstructed his family security.

Ranging from money laundering, home embroidery business to drugs he developed along with two colleagues Ken Rosenberg and Lance Vance. And because of his skill in killing, Niko many working various mafia organizations or the police to perform the operation 'clean'.

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