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In fact, one of the Product Reviews team picked up GTA V on PS4 with a cash bonus today thanks to a redeem code inside.
You can see a screenshot of the 1.6MB download file given after inputting the GTA V cash bonus redeem code on PS4, although you have to do this through the PlayStation Store.
Do you think it was fair for people that didn’t pre-order GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One to also receive the pre-order bonus cash? Some people seem to forget different regions have different time zones it’s the first day of release. Get yo bandz up cause I’m comin 2 take that sh$t old gamer tag was dznutz81drb new gamer tag the blackhand313 add me if ready 2 get it. It’s still not clear if all gamers know about the risk they run when using such glitches.
You can see a screenshot below that one user reported to see after using a money glitch in GTA Online. At the start of 2015, we noticed Rockstar were forced to issue a betting ban to combat problems. Do you think it’s a bit strong getting a GTA Online ban for using a money glitch and if so, have you personally received such a ban? I don’t want to play gta 5 no more because rockstar keep changing everything people getting banned for no reason , getting bad sports by blowing up people’s personal vehicles bad sport need to be removed for destroying personal vehicles that make no sense this is like the worst game ever I should not play it no more and take it back to gamestop to get my money back!
When you play GTA several months and then you buy battle machines to destroy enemies, once you come up that you actually can’t kill them and destroy their private cars (Bad sports).

Without shark card purchases all you idiots complaining about them would need to pay for every dlc that we got for Free so far in the game.
The game is called grand theft and promotes theft and violence of all kind then the creators spit there dummies out when players use money glitches and steal there potential revenue. I agree with bans for people who hack the game and have things like the tow truck that was never included in online but to receive a ban for money glitches that is a error on rockstars part is very unjustified and should have been tested prior to release. If the game run smoother online…then it would be justifiable to ban people for resorting to a glitch. Hey rockstar when are you goin to fix your glitches my tattoos disappearing on ps4 you patched 3 money glitches in 1 week witch is first priority but when will we the players be your main priority?
Watch the video to see how you can get some free cars in GTA V Online by duplicating them using these simple steps. We have heard about some people not getting their online money and claimed it was missing after waiting some time, but our $500K appeared in GTA Online for PS4 pretty quickly. The forum thread with this screen can be seen right here, only a few days ago, which included the message “you have been banned from Grand Theft Auto Online. They explained that this feature had been disabled, but would return in a future title update. If you like to cheat and play as a bad sport, you end up in the cheaters and bad sport pools, that’s fair.
We will leave our readers to debate this in the comments, but one thing is clear right now, bans are continuing in March 2015.

This alone reveals the issue of those trying to get a quick fix, when it comes to getting money fast and the situation is being handled by Rockstar as best they can with each update. The journalist claims this ban occurred a couple of days ago, yet when I followed the link, I read the same exact thread I read some time last year. These bans should last only so long though, and if you do it say 2 or 3 times, then it is a ban forever.
If you have seen this alert message as well, then we want to hear from you in the comments, especially if you used any type of money glitches or other cheats.
First timers, if you like to glitch money – go glitch in single player and STAY OUT OF GTA ONLINE. They shouldn’t be so greedy 100 dollars for 8 million dollars online is nothing u can spend that in 2 minutes. Comment down below!🙊 glitchlos santos customslscmoney Welcome to GTA 5 Cheats - the ultimate resource for cheats, codes, guides and more for Grand Theft Auto V on the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC!

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