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June 30, 2013 by Vera Ezimora 13 Comments I can’t find the post now, but I do remember it was not too long ago that I wrote about monetizing this blog. Reading this has inducted you as a Sweet Potato and a member of Elders' Council of Verastic. Lol Verastic Vera sweetheart I have no problems with sponsored ads as long as we do not get them consecutively.
I get your posts in my email and this was the first time yahoo sent it straight to the spam folder.
But I do understand that man has to wack which is why I visit even when I’ve already read the post in my email.
For the youngsters, "Hit 'Em Up" was released on June 4, 1996, mere months before Tupac's death that September. This song has been locked and is considered "done." You need 600 IQ to add annotations to locked songs. Lil Wayne has been making headlines with his controversy around the Super Bowl 50 commercial he stars in, but the good news is that he is being honored for his tech lyrics and has finally won a victory with one of his 10-plus lawsuits. Interestingly, Lil Wayne was recently mentioned in a beef between Bill Gates and Snoop Dogg, according to Clapway.
Lil Wayne wins a lawsuit, but it is not his big lawsuit with his label, Cash Money Records and Birdman. In addition, Lil Wayne has a couple of odd irons in the fire at the first of February, and one is a controversy about alleged racist themes in his Super Bowl 50 commercial for the Apartments website. In it, Lil Wayne is making food for himself and President George Washington, but some fans thought that a person assumed to be of Black descent preparing food for an affirmed former slave owner like Washington was a form of “low-key racism,” according to E! Despite the controversy, according to BTN, Lil Wayne took time out of his busy Dedication touring schedule to give a hearty congratulations to the signing class of the Michigan Wolverines. This means Lil Wayne was one of a list of celebrities that made a featured appearance at the Michigan Wolverines event, which also included Tom Brady, Derek Jeter and Ric Flair, Migos and Jim Harbaugh.

Sadly, Lil Wayne is being singled out at the moment by Meagan Good, star of Preacher’s Wife, who wants the media to know that she did not sleep with Lil Wayne, according to BET.
Regardless of the headlines with current or rumored ex-girlfriends, Lil Wayne named as one of the people that will launch the career of a new rapper. In spite of this, their reasoning that Lil Wayne will make Jacquees famous by their joint association with Cash Money Records could be disputed considering Lil Tunechi’s poor relationship with his record label. In other music news, Lil Wayne released a new track from producer, Streetrunner, on January 28 that was actually recorded in 2006. Two months after being signed with Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment, Omarion has been dropped due to him leaking his collaboration song with Lil Wayne. Shortly after Omarion sent a tweet through his Twitter account that the dropping of him from the label was strictly business. O MEU COMENTARIO E DE DO OMARION ELE E UM HOMEM BONITO E UM DOS MEUS CANTORES DA A MERICA PREFERIDA QUELE CONTINUA COMP A CAREIRA DELE DOU LHE MUINTA FORCA NAO SOU NA MOSICA COMO TABEM NA VIDA DELE DE EVANILDA O MEU SONHO E SER SER CANTORA MAIS COM AS POSSIBLIDADE QUE NOS TEMOS NAO DA PARA PAGAR A ESCOLA DE MOSICA MAIS EU VOU FAZER ON ESFORSO PRAN ME COMSEGUIR O?
Since 2008 has covered everything dealing with the latest Lil Wayne music, videos, pictures, downloads, lyrics and more. The thing is that I have been blogging for about 7.5 years now, but it was only recently that I opened my blog up to advertising. My sponsored post about the Kia Forte has a concluding part (that is NOT a sponsored post). And my first thought was dear Lord, vera’s blog has been hacked by a spambot in China! However, SOHH reports that there has been a break in the clouds in Lil Wayne’s legal battles, and there is now $120,000 less that he will pay out. Only one of a few to do so, while other rappers listed had one song highlighted — Lil Wayne had two included in the list. In it, they said that Snoop Dogg coming out against XBox outages on social media could turn into a nightmare for Bill Gates and Microsoft if celebrities like Lil Wayne joined up with public complaints against them.

According to Design and Trend, Lil Wayne is one of the reasons that Jacquees may be the next celebrity.
All content in this blog is for promotional purpose only, we don't responsibly for all users do.
If I put up a sponsored post that says the opinion is 100% mine, please believe it to be true. They are looking at my numbers, and they are liking them, and that’s because you continue to show me love by reading this blog. I still maintain that if you don’t have enough cash to go on vacation, SIT YOUR BUTT AT HOME!!!
Mack Maine tweeted this message that Omarion had been fired because of the allegedly leaked track. It just means that a company is paying me to tell them what I really, really think (which I have been doing for free anyway).
And if we don’t all agree to this agreement, then we need a tie breaker to make the decision.
The one on Cash Loans, the content was provided to me, so all I had to do was edit and post. The only way to rectify it is to read more often and invite your friends and enemies to do the same. For this, I will be tearing a page out of Sheldon Cooper’s book (nerds rejoice) and declaring myself the tie breaker. That way, my numbers would be even higher, and I would command even more money, and I would do less jobs (for more money).

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