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If you are a good reader, you must have seen that many probloggers use this technique now days which is very easy & common way to earn money. In simple term, affiliate marketing means that you put a link of a product on your blog and if the visitor clicks that link and buy the product, then you will get some commission for that sale. Affiliate program will work for you the best only if your readers are engaged with your post. They use attractive cover page for their eBooks which helps owner to get success in selling their product. I can say that there are so many ways to earn money from blogging; you have to find which one suits your blog.

If your blog have some decent number of traffic, you can find advertiser who will like to pay to get exposure. If you are a writer – you can sell your writing service, whereas a web developer or designer can use their expertise and help others design & develop their website for a price.
Additionally, you can apply for Google Adsense, which act as third party entity for small-scale businesses. Through blogging you can show your expertise to your blog readers in order to convince them to hire you.
I have completed my graduation in Information Technology and I have started my career as SEO Analyst in 2009 and still pursuing it.

I like to explore new devices and technology on the internet and the why few websites get highest followers and get listed on the top thrills me the most. All these unanswered questions were the main reason why I have chosen my career as an SEO analyst. In my job, blogging is my favorite activity because I can help others specially beginners in this field through my experience how to get high ranking in search engine.

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