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New characters, buildings, decorations, and more, you will be the hero that needs to Springfield!? You will jump to the insane amount of money and donuts immediately - for example, or a random building a tree! MOD spend with your donuts when you stick with the original game is a permanent "bonus" donuts, make active! Helen Lovejoy (nee Schwartzbaum)[1] is Reverend Timothy Lovejoy's judgmental and gossipy wife and the mother of Jessica Lovejoy. Growing up in a little house on the prairie, where the only pastimes a young woman had were baling hay and fixing the hay baling machine, Helen fought off boredom by keeping herself up to date on the personal affairs of her neighbors. Her moral convictions look to always defend the interests of the minors, which explains her famous catchphrase, delivered in times of civic crisis (moral or otherwise): "Will someone please think of the children?".
Helen is also openly conservative, and was seen at the Republican Headquarters located at a haunting location.
In "Marge in Chains", despite stating that she will use her gossip for good instead of evil, she continues to spread gossip at the expense of the Simpson family throughout the series.  In the episode "The Frying Game" she is in the court that decides over Homer and Marge's fates after supposedly killing a valuable insect.
Helen and Timothy have a stronger marriage than many other Springfieldians (save for Ned and Maude, and probably Dr.

When a dashing young bible salesman from Springfield named Timothy Lovejoy showed up at her door, she found herself entranced by his Protestant good looks and his thrilling stories of the big city. She was punished by having a fork stuck in her hand because she could not remember which out of 34 forks was an olive fork.
She usually wears a pink sweater, with a light blue shirt underneath, a blue skirt, and plain black shoes. Often unaware that the kids of Springfield actually like most of the stuff she deems unsuitable.
In "The Fabulous Faker Boy." Helen goes out of her way to give a backhanded compliment to Bart to spite Lisa, It's also implied she is a drinker when she 'rewards' herself for causing the Simpsons trouble by picking up a large case of wine. Helen is known to share gossip with Marge, but spreads gossip about Marge as Helen is Lisa's godmother. According to The Parson, she used to be a boy earlier, as he remembers her when she was Harold Schwartzbaum[2], however it is considered to be unlikely, as she appeared in a flashback as a young girl.[3] Helen can act very mean and gossipy and is part of a fleet-a-pita club with members Agnes Skinner, Luann and ex-members Edna Krabappel and Maude Flanders (who passed away), and Marge Simpson, who the club kicked out in The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson. She thinks she can win by finding out secrets, and people joining her alliance so that she won't reveal their secrets. Many couples turned to divorce (Kirk and Luann Van Houten[6]) or consistently argue, bear many kids, and have trouble with money (Cletus and Brandine Spuckler); however, Helen is somewhat patient of Timothy.

She used to sell cosmetics, but her husband asked her to quit because she was making more money than he was. She introduces herself as "the gossipy wife of the minister"; when she has nothing else to gossip about, she resorts to telling secrets about her own personal life.
Once Timothy spends more time on his own and slowly loses his mind, but Helen remains patient, however worried.[7] Helen once mentions her mother is going to visit them and Timothy makes an insult saying that after Helen's father died, her mother visits them too much. She is part of a gang of housewives, containing herself, Luann, Agnes and ex-members Marge and Maude in which they sponsor and invest in companies and boxers. However, once when her daughter, Jessica Lovejoy was running down the field to shoot a soccer goal.

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