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Theme Song: Although there is no specific theme song to speak of, all the other music is credited to veteran composer Francis Lai. Interesting Dated References: People coming up with kidnapping schemes in order to make money. Summary: Young actress Ann is having an affair with a wealthy food baron, whom basically tells her to get lost, and in a fit of passion she runs out of the house and gets hit by a car. After her recovery, Ann immediately goes back to work on a movie, and during a proposed nude scene with Robert Vaughn, she freaks out. Michelle is played by actress Maria Schneider who was fresh off her run with Last Tango in Paris , The Passenger, and a bunch of other foreign movies Americans don’t care about.

So Vic’s killing of the old lady causes a whole backlash with Robert Vaughn and the rest of the extortionists.
Then there’s a cash drop and just when Robert Vaughn gets his money, Vic Morrow blows up his car and makes off with the cash.
Poster and Box Art: The box art for this particular Beta looks like a bad 1980s Andy Warhol print. AboutThe Betamax Rundown was started by failed musician and artist Stunt Rock in October of 2006, with the intent being to review and analyze a personal library of over 1300 Betamax tapes. I am looking for the album that has the cover on teh inside of the album holding the album, well if you got if wet it would turn a color.
The music sounds distorted and out of tune plus you can hear someone coughing in the background.

Michelle arrives to baby-sit, and the kid hides from her, thinking her to be the person who kidnapped him. Up close, it looks like a newborn baby in a bubble, but if you step back a bit, it looks like an eye and if you step further back it is an orange galaxy that looks like an eye.

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