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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. International Women’s day, celebrated every year on the 8th of March, is a time to reflect on the progress made, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities. Born into an impoverished tribal family in the conflict-torn Indian state of Manipur, and being a woman in a sport normally associated with men, did not stop Mary Kom from taking on all odds and making it big on the international stage – winning the World Boxing championship 5 times. Her story is one of indomitable spirit, immense determination and unflinching persistence; a classical example of winning against all odds and is currently being made into an inspiring biopic starring Priyanka Chopra. No list of great and inspiring Indian women would probably be complete without including Mother Teresa. In spite of all the hardships she witnessed and experienced, she remained positive about life and her work.
Kiran Bedi, India’s first woman IPS officer and winner of the Magsaysay award, is known for her courage and her tough stance on social justice. The images of Barkha Dutt reporting from the warzone in Kargil will forever remain etched in public memory. The story of Indra Nooyi’s rise up the corporate ladder- from humble beginnings in Chennai to being the CEO of Pepsi Co is truly an inspirational one. This entry was posted in Special Celebrations and tagged Indra Nooyi, Mary Kom, Kiran Bedi, Mother Teresa, Barkha Dutt, inspiring indian women, International Women's day, Women's day on March 5, 2014 by Rohit Uttamchandani. Find your Perfect Gift at CherryTin, a unique, premium & personalized online gifting store with our curated range of 250 products across Silverware, Jewellery, Home Decor, Gourmet, Corporate Stationery and a festive Diwali Collection. We here at FYC are all about getting that flame of inspiration burning brightly within each of our readers, and so today we have a very special treat.

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With Women’s day right round the corner, we decided to showcase five Indian women from different fields who braved the odds of being in a predominantly male-dominated society to not only achieve remarkable success for themselves but also make the country proud.
Her biggest moral victory and most remarkable achievement to date came at the 2012 London Olympics when she became only the second Indian woman to win an individual Olympic medal. Greatly respected not just in India, but the world over for her outstanding contribution to humanity; having dedicated her entire life to the upliftment of the poor and the destitute, she is the epitome of Love and rightly considered by many as God’s gift to humanity.
Her life continues to inspire us to recognize our inherent dignity as human beings, to practice purity and self-control, to smile even in the face of adversity and most importantly to love, support and help one another. Recently, she has been a prominent face in the India Against Corruption movement and has stood her ground despite political pressure and attempts to mire her in controversy. While her coverage did bring her a lot of criticism, it nevertheless took a great deal of courage to report from a place where even many male journalists would have avoided going. She is known for her unique leadership skills and massive clout in the economic world and has been featured in almost every list of the world’s most powerful women. Today, we have the opportunity to not only see the end result of some of that inspiration at work, but we get to present it to all of the community through the site. As someone noted earlier, it isn’t particularly complex so it only takes a few steps and the right font to achieve the effect.

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These utterly inspiring role models serve to be a great inspiration for men and women alike.
Her life story and her motivational speeches continue to inspire a large number of young Indian women to join the police and defence forces as well as to take up and support social causes such as woman empowerment.
Her achievements in the field of journalism have helped her become one of India’s topmost and most recognized television journalists and she continues to lead from the front even today. Her life opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the average person and lets him know that a combination of hard work, determination and persistence definitely brings in outstanding results. This blog is your one stop destination for all things gifting, from interesting gift ideas to fun trivia and a little food for thought.
From birthdays to festivals to anniversaries to a baby shower, we have just the Perfect Gift for you! Earlier it was considered as a luxury to own mobile phones and now even the young adolescents boasts off their iPhone and Android handhelds and what not. The fact that most reporters aspiring for a career in journalism look up to her as a role model speaks volumes about her successful contribution to the field. Matt is a passionate web developer, marketer, gamer and photoshop guru that loves to make ideas come to life.

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