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Quitting is never a way out; rather it’s a temporary leisure that eventually leads to emotional pain and suffering. Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.
Do you hope to get your career on track in 2015, with more power & momentum than ever before?
Do you hope to get your career on track in 2015, with more power & momentum than ever before? Even though we are in a very challenging economy and the job market is tight, you have the choice to create  breakthrough results?
Are you prepared to create the focused and productive career that you know you are capable of having, one that will give you great satisfaction and financial reward? More than 75% of adults who make “New Year’s resolutions” to improve their careers lose momentum and give up within only a few months. So, the pressing question is: What will make this year’s transition different from previous attempts to enhance your career?
It’s time to take an honest look at your career , where you have been, where you are today and where you do like to go.
The following eight principles provide what you need to perform a candid and effective “internal audit” of your career situation.

Most job seekers use only their resume as the cornerstone of their search because their other “tools” are weak or nonexistent. I Am Just Fine Pinterest Pictures, I Am Just Fine Facebook Images, I Am Just Fine Photos for Tumblr. Here are a few strategies to make 2015 YOUR year to achieve real career satisfaction and success. Many are waiting for their jobs to get better, passively hoping that circumstances will improve someday. Examples of when you went “above and beyond” your job responsibilities, and produced positive, tangible results. Prepare and practice a “15-second commercial” about who you are professionally and the value you offer. Write a one-page narrative of your career in the “third person” (as though someone else wrote it about you). Research and identify the industries and companies you would most like to work for, and create a list. Compile a list of all the people you know personally and professionally, including name, phone and e-mail. List colleagues from any job you have had who would “sing your praises” if asked about you.

Request letters from 4-5 respected business associates, printed on their company letterhead. Prepare a script for your networking discussions – how it flows, what to focus on, how to react to the other person’s comments, etc. Keep a detailed record in hard copy of your job-search activities, conversations, follow-up steps, etc. Include not only your job responsibilities for each position, but also your most noteworthy accomplishments. The list below outlines the specific tools that you will need and how to use them, not just to land the next job but also to master the job search process and maximize your long-term career success. You will also need a concise paragraph that explains the circumstances under which you left your last employer. This provides critical “third-party endorsement” that boosts your credibility and perceived value.

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