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An extensive list of sources for fundraising auction donations from companies with links to online donation request information for each business. This auction donations list will save you hours of time compared to finding all these fundraising auction item sources on your own.
Always remember that when requesting any kind of donation, you should always explain what’s in it for them. Fundraising Note: Most pro sports teams also provide non-profit groups some nice fundraising opportunities on game days through working the concession stands or by serving as vendor salespeople in the stands.
JetBlue – JetBlue proudly supports non-profit organizations in the cities that we serve.
Hawaiian Airlines – Send raffle prize or auction donation request via US mail or fax.
Kroger – Assists local non-profit organizations, schools and churches working in their focus areas. SuperValu – Focuses on communities with their stores, hunger relief, health, environment. Whole Foods – Focuses on communities with their stores, hunger relief, and holds 5% Days to support local nonprofit or educational organizations. Winn Dixie – Sponsorships proposals for a neighborhood event, program, venue, youth athletic team or club can be submitted online or to your local Winn-Dixie store director for consideration. American Eagle – Donates a limited number of $25 gift cards to high school and college sponsored events.
Gander Mountain – Supports non-profit organizations in communities where it does business. Build A Bear – Donation priority given to schools and 501(c)(3) charities that help children, families and animals. Benihana -Provides a restaurant gift certificate to a limited number of non-profit organizations.
Cheesecake Factory – Provides $25 gift cards to schools and non-profit organizations.
Panera Bread – Regularly makes in-kind donations to local community events and fundraisers.
Paradise Bakery & Cafe – $100 gift certificate for a dozen cookies per month for a year (AZ, CO, IN, MA, NE, TX, UT only).
Books A Million – Donates books, games, or puzzles to support local schools, churches, organizations and charities in the communities they serve.
Brooks Brothers – Supports local non-profit organizations within the communities they serve.
Canvas On Demand – Donates a $100 gift certificate for fundraising auctions to 1,000 non-profit organizations each year. Home Depot – Local 501(c)(3) organizations should ask their store manager for a $25 off coupon. Michaels – Supports 501(c)(3) organizations with a strong focus on families and children.
REI – Supports some local nonprofit partners that focus on both environmental conservation and promoting active volunteerism.
Sports Authority – Supports only 501(c)(3) organizations promoting health and fitness through sports activities. Staples – Donates $25 We Care gift cards through store managers to local non-profit groups focused on education or job skills. Total Wine – Donates auction items, raffle items, and wine discounts to local non-profit groups.
Walgreens – Local non-profit groups requesting auction items, merchandise or gift cards (not exceeding $20) should contact their Walgreen district office directly. Benchmade Knives – Apply by mail for a product donation for your non-profit fundraising event.
Green Mountain Coffee – Donates coffee samples or Keurig coffee cartridges to schools and 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations for fundraisers. Otter Box – Product donation request form for non-profits, schools, police, and fire departments only. Pental – 401(c)(3) organizations may request a donation if their focus is education, arts, or health and human services.
Redbox – Fulfills 100 requests per month (provides 25 free movie rental coupon codes). Disney – Eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofits and public schools may submit donation requests for a standard gift of four (4) one-day Park Hopper® tickets to be used for fundraising purposes. Triple Play Family Fun Park – Supports local non-profits in Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana. Best Western – Submit your donation request by email and be sure to provide the requested information.
Marriott Hotels – Submit local non-profit charitable contribution requests through their online form.
Hornblower Cruises – Hornblower supports all the communities it calls home, providing dollars and donations for local charities and non-profit groups. Hershey – Provides grants and product donations to non-profits supporting kids and kids at risk.
Organic Valley Foods – Charitable giving program includes grants, cash and food donations, literature and silent auction kits.
Every company has different policies on which groups they’ll support and how to submit your request for auction donations. When doing a wine raffle, there are lots if fundraiser ideas that you can use to raise more money at your event.
Wine Collection Raffle – This fundraiser is popular with schools as the PTA or PTO ask each family to donate a bottle of wine for the raffle.
First prize can be 50 bottles of wine, second prize 25 bottles, third prize 10 bottles, etc. Larger nonprofit organizations will usually do a variation called a Wine Cellar raffle with more expensive tickets and higher quality wines. Wine Pull Raffle – A wine pull raffle is basically a blind draw where every raffle ticket buyer wins a bottle of wine.
Each person who buys a wine pull raffle ticket then selects a number that corresponds to a bottle.
Variations include selecting a bottle by spinning a numbered wheel, selecting a numbered cork (number side down) from a basket, picking a numbered ball or slip of paper from a raffle drum, etc.

The whole focus of this raffle is on the unique experience and so the ticket prices are usually much higher than for a simple wine raffle, ranging from $50 to $100 per ticket. Wine Baskets Raffle – Another wine raffle idea is to assemble donated wine and related goodies into a large number of wine baskets. Each wine basket has its own raffle ticket submission box and subsequent prize drawing.With lower-priced tickets, people can enter the drawings for the baskets they want to win as many times as they want.
This type of wine raffle offers many more chances to win just like the wine pull raffle does. A nice variation on this fundraising idea is to do a craft beer and wine tasting event and include the corks & kegs raffle entry in the admission ticket. Promoting Your Raffle – You might also be interested in these social media publicity tips. People enjoy getting a chance to win something, so here are some easy fundraiser raffle ideas to boost your fundraising efforts.
Publicity is the key element of a fundraiser raffle, particularly when offering an expensive grand prize. Everybody loves winning a door prize at an event, so keep that in mind when deciding how many prizes to give away. I’ve seen car raffles priced anywhere from $20 to $100 with proportionately more tickets needing to be sold when prices are lower. Having multiple prizes increase the chances of winning, but more importantly, it also increases the chance that people will buy a ticket or even multiple tickets.
The psychology behind providing multiple prizes is proven to increase participation because people are more likely to consider the odds more in their favor. Among the most popular prizes are big screen TVs, CD players, iPods, gift certificates, spa visits, and weekend getaways.
Prices for cash calendar fundraisers are often in the $20-$25 range, depending on the cash prize drawing. A fundraiser raffle is a great way to raise funds, either as a standalone fundraiser or in conjunction with an fundraising event. The most important thing is to offer attractive prizes with widespread appeal and price your tickets to maximize total revenue. Most people will make an emotion-based decision to participate and then justify it with logic, so make sure your raffle prizes seem really attractive in comparison to the ticket cost. Hopefully, these easy to do raffle fundraiser ideas will help you raise more than enough funds for your group.
The link for each business is to their donation request form or to the page where they provide details on how to request a donation by letter, fax, or donation website page. For example, some national businesses restrict their donations to nonprofit groups located in the communities that they serve, i.e where they have retail locations.
Other companies restrict donations to nonprofit organizations that provide certain types of community services such as literacy, healthcare, job training, or helping low-income families. By using this business donation request list of contacts, most groups should be able to quickly find at least 50 donated items that they can use for fundraising purposes like auctions or raffles. Other companies prohibit their business donation being offered in any type of online auction, given away as door prize, used as an incentive, or being used by an organization that is raising money for another organization.
Some businesses, particularly restaurant chains, will provide a $25 gift card to use for raising funds. And then there are some truly wonderful donations from companies like the Walt Disney Company. The business donation request list includes links to some of our most popular auction tips and sample donation request letters that you can use for local businesses. Also included are links to three donation clearinghouses that will match your nonprofit group with donations from major businesses. It’s obvious that the best silent auction items are those that attract multiple bids and sell for more than fair market value. Fundraising auction consultant and auctioneer Sherry Truhlar from Red Apple Auctions explains which item categories always sell well and what to avoid selling.
Some spa services: Massages, facials, manicures and pedicures generally do well in silent auctions. Trips: A week at the beach, or two nights at a trendy downtown hotel can bring top dollars to your silent auction. The good news is that you can accept a wide range of auction items for your silent auction — and should! Fundraising auctioneer Sherry Truhlar has been featured in national publications and television shows for her trend-setting work with nonprofit auctions. 10 Silent Auction Ideas For Extra Profits – Here are 10 silent auction ideas that are guaranteed to help you raise more money with your next auction.
500 Silent Auction Basket Ideas – If you are looking for some silent auction basket ideas, here are 500 ideas for basket themes and fun names for your auction baskets.
Donation Request Letters For Silent Auction Items – Sample donation request letter to use for getting more items donated. These fundraising auction donation sources provide items ranging from $25 gift cards all the way up to cruise ship vacations. When requesting items for your charity auction, be prepared to provide your non-profit 501(c)(3) number and request item donations at least six weeks ahead of time. For the company, this would mean explaining the publicity & promotional opportunities their donation provides, the demographics of your event, estimated attendance, amount raised in previous years, and how the funds raised will be used.
Written requests for store gift card donations should be sent to your local Winn-Dixie store director. Send your donation request letter to the attention of the General Manager at the restaurant closest to you. They have a list of criteria your request letter must include, then mail or drop off the request at your local Cracker Barrel. Donation requests can be submitted in writing to the general manager of your local Olive Garden.
Concentrates their philanthropic efforts on national organizations that serve the needs of the communities in which they operate.
The list below includes the most popular wine raffle ideas and suggested variations to incorporate.
The donated wines are assembled into collections (reds, whites, California, etc.) that are the raffle prizes. Depending on how many donated wines you have and how many raffle tickets you sell, this approach makes a great fundraiser because it’s almost all profit.

They usually offer more prize levels and market their raffle as a chance to win an instant wine cellar. The donated (or bought at a discount) bottles of wine are wrapped so the labels can’t be seen and then the wrapped bottles are numbered. The Grand prize experience may be something like a trip to California’s Napa Valley with a tour of several high-end wineries, a private wine tasting party, a gourmet dinner for eight people at a luxury restaurant with a sommelier offering multiple bottles of rare wines, or other variations. Some groups get the experience donated or buy it at a discount from a charity fundraising service. Then you use the Chinese auction technique of selling large amounts of raffle tickets at fairly low prices.
Some baskets will inevitably draw more ticket submissions, but a wine baskets raffle is really all about just giving people the feeling that they just might win something as opposed to other raffles with only a few prizes. The big difference is people aren’t guaranteed a raffle prize as they are with the wine pull. The raffles are done the same way and you can use any of the other variations listed above. They can also provide you with more prize opportunities than just a wine raffle because many craft beer brewers are eager to get the exposure. You can also offer additional raffle entries for both prize categories (wine and beer) or separately. Your raffle can be an inexpensive ticket for a prize drawing or a $100 ticket for a big prize such as a big screen television or a new car.
Your fundraising raffle can be of short duration or have tickets for sale for a month or more.
Issue a press release and make sure it reaches the appropriate persons at local media outlets such as newspapers, radio stations and local television.
Aim to build excitement and anticipation with your supporters for the prizes to be offered. By avoiding having one or two people try to handle everything, you’ll reach a much larger number of prospects. Because of the prize expense, you’ll need to decide the best balance between ticket prices and total revenue. There is also a belief that having various prizes also increases the chance of having one that appeals strongly to almost anyone. Each calendar purchase includes a raffle ticket for a prize drawing for a certain amount of cash. A weekly prize of $50 or $100 is common, with larger prizes of $500 or $1,000 being offered at some stages of these fundraisers. For instance, you can add a raffle to a school carnival, a black tie charity event, or even a car wash. It doesn’t do any good to overprice the tickets because total ticket sales will suffer. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Download a free 14-page PDF version of our auction donation source list of national businesses. We also provide a short description of the standard donation each business provides to qualifying non-profit groups along with any exclusions or restrictions that apply. Note that some companies will allow their donated item to be used as a raffle prize and others specifically prohibit raffle usage. They provide public K-12 schools and qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofit groups with a standard gift of four, one-day Park Hopper® tickets to Disneyland or Disney World to be used for fundraising purposes. Theses companies prefer to use a single supplier to fulfill all their donation requests to charity groups. Conduct a Web search to find the contact information of manufacturers and send them a donation request. When the lines were forming outside Mac stores for the new iPad, our benefit auction clients were selling them for $200-$500 over the list price.
They might not sell above value like the electronics or food, but they do bring in significant money. She offers auction chairpersons many free resources on her website, including her FREE Annual Auction Item Guide TM, which inspires acquisitions committees with great ideas for silent and live auctions. There’s an art to doing silent auctions in a way that maximizes the amount raised, with many of these ideas being almost the direct opposite to the approach most groups are using.
Great way to raise more money with your silent auction because they handle everything A to Z and you only pay for it after it sells. Article also has tips on what to write that will motivate the recipient to react favorably to your request.
Many companies limit their donations in various ways, so it’s best to apply as early as possible.
We always try our best to support good causes when we can but due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot accommodate all of them.
Some will let you use the donations for raffles and others prohibit using their donated item that way. Others put together the experience themselves through people they know plus adding in a few donated extras. Oftentimes, local merchants will donate items or offer special discounts to nonprofits or school groups.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Maybe it’s two reds from Italy, 6 whites the Chairmen of the Board loves, or 12 bottles of screw-top wine.
It might be South African treats, a chocolate lovers basket, specialty cheeses, homemade jerky and dried meats, gift cards from restaurants, or even a container stuffed with Girl Scout cookies collected from all those extra boxes you and your neighbors didn’t really need to buy.
Some companies will send you a coffee system or a basket of coffees as a donation for your silent auction. A popular raffle ticket price here is $15 to $20, or something just above the retail price of a good bottle of wine.

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