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The acronym was popularized by Robert Heinlein’s 1966 science fiction novel, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, which is about a lunar revolution. While things aren’t quite so extreme down here on present-day Earth, the colonists’ sentiment, that nothing is really free, still applies to a lot of things. There may not be such a thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as free time clock software. The below eight options are all free forever and some (like the open source time clock systems) also have no restrictions on number of users or admins. Anuko is an open source time tracking software that can be installed as a web-based system.
Track time by project and task, create custom fields, and run detailed reports for your employees.
To upgrade and track additional employees, and enable system-level security, pricing starts at $49.99. Additionally, because there may be some confusion, this seems to be a newer version of TimeClockFree (and owned by the same company) and an alternate version of Park Time.
Described as “a simple yet effective web-based timeclock system,” this open-source software has been around for a while, but hasn’t seen a major release since 2006.
The free version includes all the functionality of the paid version, including employee time-tracking, time off requests, fingerprint attendance tracking, and even the ability to take webcam images of employees as they clock in or clock out.

This online time clock and employee scheduling software is totally free for unlimited users and employees.
The software is a full-featured one, including not only time clock features like timesheets and reimbursements, but also employee scheduling with the ability to notify employees by email and text of schedule changes.
An open source system, this time tracking software has no limits on employees, users, or time. Features include modules for employee scheduling, time and attendance (with vacation and overtime tracking), and payroll with tax and benefit calculations and direct deposit functionality. Thanks for sharing JP, a great help for SMB companies who are not ready to pay for larger time systems or ones more integrated with recruiting and talent management like VIBE or Ultimate Software.
I have checked most of the programs but it seems I can’t find program that display a calendar that staffs can view their work schedule.
Do you happen to know of any that Employee can clock in using their phone or by calling in? Do you have other options for webbased time tracker which able to connect to finger scanner machine? The problem with these is that all a person has to do to modify their time punch is to change the time on their desktop. Which of these are web based time tracker which able to connect to fingerprint time attendance device?

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I would like an online solutions that I can view and edit if I need to as the manager, but does not allow the employee to edit. TimeTrex’s open-source version is quite limited compared to their paid versions which are quite costly. Employees can change the clock of their devices but they can’t change SwiftTime Clock.
Hope they can be configured to work with my soyal device to keep track of my emplyees time. It helped me to look at them for myself, without any bias, and choose which program to present at my most recent business meeting.
This way they have the liberty to contribute as long as they are able to make up for the week.

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