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This is the kind of people who have self-esteem is clearly undervalued and they are to avoid accusations, forced to cave in and humpback for the benefit of clever people looking for free magic. But if the girl in time, the current student, take a prize at the city competition, the author will develop a hair, will release a few students, even the usual haircut for her performance starts to be worth several times more expensive! That is, if the wiеср offers to work for free or with payment after someone deign to acknowledge the actions of his magic, it should be regarded as mere rudeness. That is, if the witch has a sponsor or a rich patron, containing the familys witch, then let the Witch work without pay - if witch wants it, But if the solution is other people's problems magical way - it is the only source of income for the whitch, then require witch to solve your problem for FREE - its kind of theft (scammers). Many times I have heard from applying to me, that when they were all good with money, the friendship with them led other wealthy people. Other people, God gives the mind, that he, having no great physical strength, led a crowd of workers and thus lived. You can special summon an [E-Hero] monster from your Graveyard that was destroyed by Battle from your Graveyard. Select your country in the list below and you’ll see only products available from sellers who ship to your location, along with the shipping costs for those sellers.

His (her) personal life is not arranged or he (she) is inclined to change my wife (husband). These people need free, and impotent witch is not able to explain what his (her) are paid, he (she) does not in fact a slave. And I, Reddy, once upon a time worked with pay after the contracting authority considers that the result of my work to his or her suit. And colleges are educational workshops where girls cut their students free of charge all comers. This is the same as the sergeant major's name, it's like the Olympic champion to offer a physical education teacher working in a rural school. And when their finances have ended, the former friends-rich communication with your newly made poor discontinued.
This rule: Problems are passed from people to other people, from accident of the customer to the witch! In order to solve the problems of people with rites and spells, and earn it for themselves.

And if the witch don't need money- God will not give money to a witch.Therefore, people are asking for a witch to free magical work ( free spells) - is an enemy to witches.
It's like an adult woman to offer her a handbag instead of a backpack schoolgirl first grader.
The people asking the witch about free spell, makes a direct aggression on the overall financial position of most witch and her family! And witch-loser are trying for a neighbor, for any stranger people more readily than for loved ones.

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