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Pennies, nickels, dimes, and dollars – money can be difficult to decipher for the young minds! Counting change, calculating total cost, paying exact amounts at the grocery store, or even keeping track of what’s saved in the piggy bank – kids are exposed to a number of money-related calculations very early in life. Money is an important real-life concept that kids will need to use for the rest of their lives. For each subtraction problem, click on the denominations in the cash drawer until you get the correct answer. Practice finding the simple interest of different loans by playing this fun educational game . Money Word SearchCircle or highlight groups of letters to find vocabulary words about money. As one of the most entertaining slot games for pc, the Milk Money slot machine offers a fun filled time where you can not only play a great slot game but enjoy the hilarious cow theme and the accompanying reggae music.
A cow themed game slot designed specifically to be a hilarious game, Milk Money is a very fun game.
The symbols in this comical game include: a lovely dairy barn, a glass of chocolate milk, chocolate chip cookies, milk bottles, cowbell, milk canisters, and pink cow udders. Milking for the money bonus: In the Milk Money slot game, the wild symbol is represented by the cow faces.
The Cow race: this is another bonus feature which is activated when the cow race symbol appears on the fifth and the first reels.

Of all free online slot games available, Milk Money is by far one of the most entertaining and is sure to leave you in splits. Teach kids all about counting money, carrying out various calculations, and more with fun, free money games!
A simple search on the internet will throw up a wide variety of online money games for kids of all ages. While money games for kindergarteners and 1st graders focus more on the basics, like counting and adding money, the money problems  that 4th graders have to solve are more complex. Get the learning started early on and the little ones will soon be able to carry out money calculations with ease!
If you are a slot machine fan and like to play free online slots games for fun, Milk Money is a great way to spend your time. Created by WMS gaming, one of the best game manufacturers in the world, the game has some great background music which is reggae and also forms a part of its comedic theme. Apart from these the two other two symbols which are the stars of this game are Helfina and Bovina, which are the funny animated cows. Interactive and fun, these games give kids the opportunity to practice everything they’ve learnt and help them apply it to real-life situations. These games can be played on regular computers, SmartBoards, Promethean Boards, or any other types of electronic whiteboards.
With great animated characters and unique background music, these dancing cows will win your heart with their hilarious dance to the Jamaican music.

Since these games vary in difficulty levels, parents and teachers can choose games based on the age and learning abilities of their kids.
With some amazing features and increased winning probabilities, the Milk Money online slots is one of the best slot machines to play. These hilarious cows are trying to fill milk in bottles while they dance to reggae hip hop music.
This is where the two cows, Hefina(the cow with black spots) and Bovina (the cow with brown spots) are standing and leaning against a post. With free slots no download no registration issues you can play free online slot games with bonus rounds no downloads on any casino game website. You must then select one of the dancing cows who drops behind a milking machine through a trap door. This round has an additional choice where if any bottle gets filled up with either strawberry or chocolate milk, you will earn the credits by twice or thrice. If instead the bottle is filled with eggnog, you win a chance to choose another bottle or get exra credits.

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