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Another way to save even more on groceries and other items that you need is to use money saving apps. Rebate earned will be deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours (in my experience it is usually within an hour).
Once you have $10.00 in your account, you can request your money via PayPal, Venmo, BestBuy gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and Starbucks gift cards. You can also earn money when someone you refer to Ibotta joins and then submits their first rebate. Select the offers you like, purchase them at any store, and upload a photo of your receipt through their mobile app. Make sure you add the account numbers for shopper rewards cards as offers will automatically post to your account when you use them.
If you shop at a store without a reward card, take a picture of your receipt through their app. Select the offers you like, purchase them at any store, and upload a photo of your receipt through their mobile app or website. After signing up, enter the referral code GMYGKYVQ when prompted and you’ll receive an offer for a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar. Select the offers you like and take a picture of your receipt from any store through their app. Select the offers you like and take a picture of your receipt from any store through their app (must be done within 2 days of purchase). Select the offers you like, purchase them at supported store, and upload a photo of your receipt through their mobile app or website.
BerryCart offers are for either All-Natural, Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, or Vegetarian products.
You will NOT see products on BerryCart that have High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Sweeteners, or chemicals that you can clean your floor with. Join the other 300,000+ Couponing to be Debt Free friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to learn about HOT deals, learn from each other and to share your tips to save money! A smartphone like iPhone may have a hefty price tag, but there are tons of money-saving apps for your iOS mobile phone.
This is a guest article by Pete Austin who also writes on the topic of Paralegal Certification and Online Schooling for SR Education Group. TechChunks is a Technology Geek, Web Entrepreneur, SEO Consultant and Social Media Evangelist. Money Monitor by Maxwell Software is meant for those who can benefit from a personal finance manager, which includes basically anyone. Incredibly easy to use, RedLaser scans your desired product’s barcode and then gives you a list of the best local and online prices. A unique characteristic of this application is the ability to choose the payout you receive for your savings, which include bank account deposit, PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or a donation to American Forests. It is similar to other popular rebate apps, like Ibotta, in that you make a purchase, then upload a qualifying receipt to get a FREE cash rebate that can be paid via PayPal. But, the most appealing aspect is the unique cashback opportunities that I have never seen in any other app or on any other website. Since you are simply uploading receipts, you can stack savings with the other grocery, coupon and rebate apps like Ibotta, Checkout51 and SavingStar. Travel apps can be a lifesaver when you’re looking to save a bit of money on that upcoming trip. If you’re one for spontaneous adventures and saving money, then Hotel Tonight offers the perfect solution by loading up last-minute deals of hotel rooms that are still available. Public transportation is a well-known way to save money on getting around a new area, but wading through the schedules can be a chore, if not entirely confusing. Compare Bookings is a powerful search engine that will return results from all of the various travel sites so that you can quickly find the best deal. Kayak does it all: you have the power to search for hotels, flights, and cars, keep track of your trips, and even track your flights. Groupon searches for deals on restaurants, things to do, and hotels so that you don’t need to do any of the work yourself. XE Currency makes calculating prices accessible by constantly tracking current exchange rates.
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Whether it’s coupon clipping or locating the best deals in town, there are apps to help you save cash when you need to stay on budget.

Elizabeth Hoyt is the editor of MonsterCollege as well as a contributing writer and social media manager.
She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University, where she majored in Journalism, specializing in Apparel and Textile Design. Her experience in the communications field spans both print and online publications, including newspaper and magazine writing as well as work within marketing, public relations and the non-profit sector.
In her spare time, Elizabeth can usually be found in Chicago’s local vintage markets scoping out rare finds, vegetarian restaurants, volunteering at local animal shelters or elbows deep in creative projects within her Lincoln Park apartment. Whether it’s coupon clipping or locating the best deals in town, there are apps to help you save cash when you need it the most.
An app designed specifically to help students save, TUN connects you with local student discounts, textbook savings and rewards on your purchases. When you download the app, locate and find your university Kruue Code, which connects you with a scratch-off, revealing offers to choose from at many local businesses. All Kruue-approved businesses are selected by university student bodies, so you can be sure that the money-saving deals offered are relevant to your campus. The app even allows you to search more than 28,000 recipes, based on what you already have in your kitchen, level of recipe difficulty and more. With both a webpage and app, Groupon helps connect you with coupons and deals on everything in your area. From goods and getaways to dining and event tickets below cost, Groupon can link you to affordable deals and exciting happenings within your area. The free mobile app, GasBuddy, allows you to plug in your location and discover the most affordable gas prices within a 50-mile radius. Instead of filling up on just any corner, find the cheapest gas around – it could end up saving you a ton. This app links you to thousands of coupons at your favorite retailers, right from your mobile phone or desktop.
Using the app, you can easily access coupon codes via the app or through their online site and, even, save them for later to use at your convenience. Through Shopkick, you can learn about deals and gain exclusive rewards at your favorite frequently shopped stores. The app allows you to save at different types of popular retailers, from shopping for necessities at stores like Target to purchases at popular shopping retailers, like Macy’s and Best Buy. LivingSocial helps you locate and purchase offers locally, along with shopping deals on products. Similar to Groupon, the app also allows you to discover fun events for fair prices within your area so that you don’t have to sacrifice fun in the name of your budget. Additionally, the app allows price comparison so you can ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck every time you make a purchase.
You can use the CollegePower app to save money on food purchases at participating college locations. Once you scan a deal, it’s automatically saved so that you are able to conveniently access it when you’re ready to redeem the discount offer.
It’s also simple to share deals so that, when you find a good deal, you can let friends know. You’ll no longer have to show your student ID, just your phone in order to redeem exclusive student discounts at colleges across the United States. The app includes an Around Town section, which links you to coupons, menus, delivery searches, pictures of businesses and the capability to save your favorites. You can also use the app’s other features, Local Deals and Super Steals, to save at your favorite businesses around your college town.
Available in most major cities, ScoutMob helps you discover deals, local happenings and keeps you in the know about what’s going on in your area.
With hand-picked experiences and free local incentives, this app is a one-stop guide to saving money and finding cool stuff to do in your city. Use the referral code bluz1579 at sign up to score 5 FREE spins on Hog Slots (and score extra coins).
These apps can help you find deals exclusive to app users, access coupons, or find businesses around you offering deals better than the competition. Gilt: Currently available for iPhone and iPad, Gilt-y parties can take their search for incredible deals on name brands with them anywhere.
Skype: Available for pretty much every mobile device, the free Skype app lets the millions of registered Skype users take the popular program on the go. Prior to starting this blog, TechChunks has spent many productive years as a Software Engineer, Wordpress Blogger, Corporate Trainer, Frequent Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader.

It supports account transfers, multiple accounts, simple budgeting, repeating transactions, tag and party-based searching, automatic transaction purging, and sorting. It helps you triumph over impulse buys with an amazing system that notifies you when your favorite products go on sale.
Nowadays, traveling with a phone is a must and from Google maps to Yelp, we use apps on a daily basis when traveling. Provide the app with your location, and it will search nearby stations to let you know where you can find the cheapest gas.
Since they haven’t been booked yet, the prices are about as low as they get, and the Hotel Tonight app makes it easy to go ahead and snag one of the rooms for yourself. Cue Transit App, which pulls departure times for all nearby transit lines in an easy-to-read format. They also offer a hotel search engine with some filters so that you can find exactly the kind of hotel you want. Providing one location for so many useful features helps you save money on your trip and also serves as a great time-saver. As a company that provides drivers to take you from point A to point B, Uber is usually cheaper than cabs, and you don’t need to make a phone call! It tracks what you buy while traveling abroad, and makes user you stay within your duty free limits. The app connects you with deals, specials and more from dining and nightlife locations in your college town. Find in-store coupons as well as exclusive deals for users — just show the entry at checkout.
Available as an app for every mobile platform, users can open the app anywhere and see all the businesses around them. That could help as much as 12,000 dollars in savings as compared to the average $174 smartphone users surveyed paid for their devices, according to a press release. It’s a very simple finance app to keep an electronic checkbook on your mobile, and throw away the old paper checkbook for good. The following 8 apps are a few of our favorites because they provide easy ways to save money on travel expenses. You’ll never again spend more at the station you can see from the street, only to go a bit further along and realize that you could have saved five cents.
It does, however, only work in certain regions, so check ahead of time whether or not it’ll be useful for you.
Just plug in your starting point and the desired destination and Uber will send a driver your way. Join them in their quest to find off-the-beaten-path destinations by signing up for weekly emails and following her on Google+. Our goal is to inspire others to live an adventurous life, as well as provide trip ideas and helpful travel tips for people with limited vacation time.
One of the great advantages to these apps is that you can use paper and eCoupons with them to save even more money.
You can search by category or store name, locate merchants closest to you, and even e-mail coupons to your friends.
For calls or text chats between Skype users, it’s completely free, and calls to landlines or international calls are dirt cheap. It has full functionality, the only difference is that it’ll take you to the Android Market page for the full version, when you have done a certain amount of calculations. You can choose whether to be alerted when the item goes on sale in general, drops at least 25% or drops at least 50%. Its built-in conversion engine helps you watch what you eat and lets you shop more intelligently. This iPhone app uses GPS to find the best deals around you, and then can give directions too.
It’s an awesome service that just got better with the ability to talk on the go, allowing you to save on your minutes and save loads of money on any international calls. Find your shopping or dining needs with Foursquare, then use it to get discounts at those places.

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