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Many anti-smoking ads in the past are rather gruesome with rotten body parts that terrified people. I smoked for over 25 years, switched to chewing tobacco then small packages of snuff, and finally to electronic cigarettes.
It is obvious that smoking is bad for your health, I do however think that the issue of second hand smoking is blown out of proportion. I’ve even seen articles on third hand smoking (smoke settling on food), and fourth hand smoking (smoke landing on a table, which you then touch). Even though these chemicals obviously are toxic, how toxic actually are they compared to things like car fumes?
In my opinion it is as much someone’s human right to smoke, as it is to eat fatty food, and spend all day watching TV. If you take the toxins out of 40 smokes and then feed it to a rat all at once then the rat would probably die.
Well let me tell you something yeah i hate smokers but you dont see me kicking your face in middle of the street, do you know bullys? You Stank – speaking of IQ you say “All the smoke one person puts in the air a single day is enough to kill 25 rats.
1) smoking increases the risk of you getting the diseases that it is possible for us all to get… anybody can develop cancer, but smokers are more likely to get it, mutations cause cancer, cigarettes WILL cause mutations. 2) It smells disgusting, it makes me cough, it makes me smell, it affects MY health when people smoke around me. 3) It’s bad for the environment, although with the amount of things people do its not considerate, it still adds up and can be helped.
4) It affects how you look and how you speak, when somebody is 60+ and sometimes people as young as 40, it is obvious they have smoked all their life- croaky voice, more wrinkly, yellow teeth- not attractive.
5) I have smoked one cigarette, and didn’t feel any significant positive effects from it- how does this outweigh all these costs? 6) Have you ever thought people aren’t trying to control you, but are trying to help you?
As a recent non-smoker, I have to advise you (smokers) to give a try to Electronic Cigarette. Now that smokers are outside you’re still not happy because it’s your attitude that’s the problem not smokers.

If it’s fact then there would be no debate about it because we’d see all smokers dropping dead. Even though smoking is not good, most of what is said about it is propaganda created by media for reasons of profit or just pure bias people who like to discriminated. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". I didn’t realize how many series were airing in the past few days but I’ve finally caught up now! Those messages are straight forward in showing the final consequences if continue to smoke. As long as I don’t have to smell your pollution or look at your nasty habit littering my domain, do your best at shortening your lifespan. People like to throw scary statistics around, yet they are very difficult to trace to a scientific source. Because maybe they don’t want you to die from cancer, they want you to be able to walk without getting out of breath. But the honest truth is that adults like you dont understand the amount of information a child can process at any age. I had to get used to the funky taste, but I figured it was just like switching brands like I’ve had to do many times. I do not smoke so it would be polite if people would stay the hell away from entrances to buildings and what have you blowing that nasty smelling smoke all over the place. Now these ads have gone into a different approach where they are creative and inspiring to look at. The latter is just hilarious to me, but I also have to say that, as a smoker I have dealt with people preaching to me about quitting and thinking they know more than me.
Do something healthy for yourselves If your BMI is higher than your IQ, for goodness sake you do not need any nicotine. I had heard a lot of great things about this series which got me hyped up when it was first announced. I’m sure a bottle of Vodka is enough to kill 25 rats if you consider their size compared to a human.
For yourself, for your loved ones, for the planet, and for everyone who is exposed to the smoke you exhale, quit smoking!

Best thing we can do, I think, is at the least remove additives and allow much less nicotine into the final products, at least then they won’t be as harmful or addictive.
Just because you can no longer smell or taste as you should be able to does not mean that the smoke does not still stink. It just felt like a typical adventure story where the MC sets off from his village and goes on a quest.
Now please, educate yourselves and study language skills before commenting on my habit which I wish to end, but can’t. However, by the end of the episode, we get to see how brutal the world actually is.Tatsumi starts off his journey with big dreams. I see so many of you claiming to be so smart, and even sometimes making a great point or two, but yet misspelling so many simple words and speaking in such an incoherent manner…if you really want to get your points across well, be coherent, spell properly and above all, educate your stupid ass selves before making idiotic generalizations like a bunch of jackasses and talking out that same ass, having no fucking clue what your talking about, before someone like me gets more personal and seriously fucks up your mental stability by forcing you to realize all the shit you hate about yourself, consciously or subconsciously, like you people tend to try to do to the poor smoker who kinda likes it, kinda hates it, understands better than you and knows more about the subject. I loved how they showed her true nature as it made me lose all sympathy for her within an instant like Tatsumi did. He defended her from Night Raid, but the second he realized what she did, he didn’t hesitate. Now that he’s seen the truth of the capital and lost his ties back to the village, his dream is practically dead. Night Raid decides to take him under their wing though which leads into a whole new adventure.Overall, I thought that this was a strong episode to start off the series. I enjoyed the comedic aspect since it kept me entertained throughout the less action packed moments. I decided to start blogging as a way to improve my writing as well as my ability to express myself. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
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